Somaveda® Complex Decongestive Therapy

Natural Wellness Solutions: SomaVeda® Sacred Rejuvination Program: NWS CDT/ MLD Program

  1. A) Premium Rejuvenation’s Edema Management Program

NWS’s Premium Service addresses all major known contributing factors leading to the development of chronic edema and inadequate lymphatic drainage. These factors are:

Causes of Cellulite

Damaged Circulation
Free Radicals
Hormone/ Estrogen Imbalance
Lack of Exercise
Over Exertion
Poor or inappropriate Diet (Fat, excess weight, low BMR)
Incomplete or poor Digestion / elimination.
Natural Edema/ Cellulite Focused Decongestive Treatment
Rebuilding Damaged Tissue
Edema/ Cellulite Supplements
Edema/ Cellulite Fitness Concepts
Far-Infrared Light Therapy: Photo-biomodulation Therapy

Somaveda® Complex Decongestive Therapy: Each of these factors is addressed appropriately during the NWS Program. Please keep in mind… There is no “Cure” for edema as it also has factors such as genetic predisposition which are beyond the affect of topical treatments, Diet, Supplementation and exercise… However, the NWS method is the most effective treatment we have found at reducing the appearance of edema by effectively targeting the subcutaneous fat layer, causing fibrosis breakage, dispersing fat tissue, elongating connective tissue and promoting lymphatic drainage. The edema and swelling , the pockets of stagnant waste etc. becomes much less visible since the both the tension of connective tissue and the pressure of accumulated fat deposits and fibrosis build-up around the edematous tissues are greatly reduced and therefore a more balanced, vibrant appearance and state of health is promoted. Visible signs include a smoother, firmer, more toned look is imparted to the skin.

The primary focus is application of the CDT (Complex Decongestive Therapy) treatment protocol which incorporates two separate treatment’s in the same session… The Vibrationa/ Electro-Dermal healing phase and the Non-Invasive Subdermal Therapy (N.I.S.T.). Sessions run approximately one hour including consultation time and measurements taken every two sessions.(Allow extra time on first session for Clinical Intake and Assessment).

During the first session and interview you receive additional guidance and recommendation’s for weight management, supplementation, detoxification and exercise. We cannot make or force anyone to eat more correctly or to take or use proper supplementation… However, if you choose to follow and adhere to NWS recommendation’s your results will be greatly enhanced.

CDT sessions are painless and may be quite relaxing as well.

Additionally, CDT may also help in reducing inches and dress size in conjunction with a balanced weight loss program.

Please note that this program is specialized and designed appropriate for your needs and body type. In order to better serve you and to insure the best results, a professional consultation appointment interview is required previous to beginning your service. This consultation interview last approximately one hour. Should you choose to enroll in the edema/ toxicity reduction program this interview is included free of charge. For non-participants the cost is $ 128.00.

Your one hour treatment will consist of:

  • Intake assessment, evaluation and or review,
  • Measurements and documentation including photo’s,
  • Application of NWS protocol,
  • Traditional Ayurvedic, SMOKH/ NAIC Clinical, Medical Intake consultation and or review
  • Diet, Nutrition and or Supplement consultation and or review

Prices: Individual sessions $128.00 (Student Clinic Price $64.00)

Discounts are offered in Packages, if paid in advance as follows include:

 Session Discount Price:  Package Price:  Regular Price:  Savings
Single Session Plus
Clinical Assessment $128.00 0.0
 14 sessions  $ 1433.00  $1792.00  $359.00
 12 sessions  $ 1305.00  $1536.00  $231.00
  7 sessions  $ $768.00  $ 896.00  $ 128.00

Payment terms are available.

 Session DiscountStudent Clinic Price: $64.00  Package Price:  Regular Price:  Savings
 14 sessions  $ 616.00  $770.00  $154.00
 12 sessions  $ 561.00  $660.00  $99.00
  6 sessions   $ 297.00  $ 320.00  $ 43.00
 C) Vibrasonic/ Electro-Dermal, MLD or Lymphatic Drainage  ( One hour): $128.00 Each (Student Rate: $64.00)
 Series Special Price: Buy five, get one free, $ 320.00

The SomaVeda® CDT System improves the flow of Lymph fluid throughout the body. Most people are aware that the lymph system is closely tied to the vital immune system, an plays an extremely important role in fighting infections and increasing immunity to all diseases. Additionally, the lymphatic system also acts as a purification and drainage system for the entire body. What is not commonly known is that, unlike our circulatory system, this lymphatic system has no heart or specific organ to pump this vital fluid through the body! This means that pressure in the lymph vessels tends to be low. The more sedentary our lifestyle the lower or stagnant it becomes. It easily becomes restricted and blocked, causing pooling, swelling, toxic buildup and other possible complications including some pain syndromes. Vibrasonic/ Electro-Dermal (Vitatron) treatments stimulate and increase the movement and flow of lymph enabling you to receive the benefits of improved circulation and detoxifying drainage.

Vibratory/ Electro-Dermal (Vitatron), MLD / CDT sessions are painless and may be quite relaxing as well.


SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Services (Avg. 1.5 to 2 Hour Mat Session: $128.00, 1 Hour: $85.00)
 Series Special Price: Therapeutic Day Program: Seven different sessions… $768.00
Apprentice Pro-Clinic Rate $64.00 per session, Therapeutic Day $315.00 (Includes up to 10.5 hrs.)

( For comfort and convenience, Client remains clothed)

D) SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy A yoga influenced style of indigenous, traditional Thai Medical Massage incorporating light stretching. SomaVeda® incorporates elements of gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression to create a unique and deeply relaxing experience. The”Therapeutic Day” program consist of seven different individual sessions, conducted on seven different days. For maximum effect please schedule the sessions as close together as possible. Program includes a free initial consultation. Sign up now and receive a Free “Thai Rejuvenations”. ($100.00 value!) See flyer or ThaiYogaCenter.Com for more details on Thai Yoga Therapy and/or Traditional Thai Massage.

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Please note: No Services available to the Public. Private Services provided exclusively by and to NAIC private membership association members. Active NAIC membership required for any and all consultations and or services, exchanges etc. Private Medical Services may also be rendered under both SMOKH and NAIC Licentiate.