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How To Register for a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, and or Yoga Therapy Practitioner Certificate Program

To register for an NAIC: SCNM/ TYC Certificate and or College Degree Program, find the course you want to register for an e-mail or call us.

Please note: We will need:

  1. Contact NAIC by email to submit your information: We will need your full and complete name and contact information including address, phone, cell, and email. Sorry no, PO boxes. Contact NAIC
  2. Your preferred choice of start date: January, March, May, July, or November:
  3. Please request which Tier Level Grant you are applying for: Tier #1, 2, etc. as found on the Scholarship page.
  4. You will not be considered registered until we physically receive your donation.

Click here for Tuition Grants and Scholarships

Some courses fill quickly. The Five Tier levels of NAIC Tribal Church Grants and or Tuition scholarships are limited. Availability and amount of any tuition scholarship or reduced tuition are based on the total number of NEWly registered students in any specific program. Register early to secure your place in a program. Additionally, maximum grants are for residential students only. Off-campus students are limited to the “At Large” category.

To ensure confirmation of a registration for any particular class or program start date, Contact NAIC, and submit your registration at least thirty (30) days before the start of your class or program. If you are registering for more than one person, be sure to submit a separate registration for each person.

SCNM/ TYC is now taking registration and reservations for our programs in 2023 for all programs. Please call (706) 358-8646 to register.

If you are coming to SCNM/ TYC courses the following information may be of service.

Thai Yoga Center Housing and accommodation Options

Read about our cancellation policies. They will vary according to specific workshops and programs.

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2 thoughts on “How to register”

  1. Hello! After becoming close friends with a graduate/practitioner, I have been inspired to persue an education with your SomaVeda program. Coming to know this practice has altered my views on health and wellness completely and I am ready to make the permanent change in my own life, as well as provide for the wellness of others in a more spiritually conscious manner. I was hoping to find more information on where to register, or if it is simply by mail? I also am well aware that I would be unable to afford the full price, and am currently still in debt from obtaining a bachelor’s degree. I was wondering if there are any tier 1 or 2 scholarships left in any of the remaining courses? If not, I will have to wait until next year, but would like to know when that schedule is published as well. I apologize for bombarding you with questions, but I am eager to begin my journey and believe this is the place my transformation begins. Thank you for your time, I am anxiously awaiting your response:) Dana


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