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SomaVeda Thai Yoga Walking Massage
Hands-Free and No Hands Massage can enhance your healing practice.

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SomaVeda® Hands Free Thai Yoga

Innovated, developed, and first taught by Dr. Anthony B. James as a specialty practice to help Massage Therapists with hand and arm stress and disability… Now widely emulated, this unique program shows you in detail how to do professional sessions and virtually never have to use your hands! Save yourself from Carpal Tunnel and repetitive stress disorders so common in today’s massage world by learning to work hands-free! Knock-off courses will try to charge you for this training… it is always free and included at no charge in every CTP.

It is possible to do entire Vinyasa and treatment sessions and not touch the client with your hands! Hands-free Indigenous Thai Yoga Therapy variations and Asana-based techniques are demonstrated for all major Vinyasa and Attitudes of the body, such as Supine, Side Lying Positions, Prone, and Seated.

Want to save your hands? Want or need to reduce or eliminate hand and arm stress from your healing sessions? How valuable would that be for your career and longevity as a healer? Since we first offered this SomaVeda® Hands-Free Thai Yoga Therapy and Hands-Free Thai Massage alternative training in 1992, we have never charged separately for it—another reason SomaVeda® serves you and your clients.

Walking Yoga is a form of traditional Yoga Therapy using almost exclusively the feet and legs to stand on or walk on the client. Both freestanding and “Walker Style” support methods and variations are practiced. Walking SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapy reduces strain and the disparity between large, extra-large, and small clients. It’s the easiest way to do Thai Yoga Massage for large or muscular clients without effort. Unlike other stand-up bodywork methods, no expensive bars, rails, overhead construction, or special equipment are needed.

SomaVeda® Hands-Free/ No Hands Massage techniques and the innovations of proven classical therapeutic applications based on Traditional Thai Medical Massage will immediately change how you work forever! Learn Thai Yoga and discover why this practice is as good for the practitioner as it is for the receiver!

This program is currently a module and taught during our SomaVeda® Thai Practitioner Certificate (CTP), SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate (TCP), as well as our Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine Ayurveda Diploma Program (DSNM/ ND(T)).

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