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NAIC Natural Wellness Solution: Tribal Org. Health Care & Ministerial Holistic Health Counseling and Services

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  • Want to stay active, mobile, free from pain killers and stay out of the doctor’s office!
  • Do you want to get back to the happy life you used to have?
  • Want to look better or feel better all the time?
  • We provide great service, we are all experienced and we’re friendly and qualified as well!

Have questions? Need more information? Make an Inquiry Today: Lets discuss in person your needs and how we might help you. Call us for for a FREE Information Report 12 Ways You Can Solve Your Own Back Pain At Home!”  Click here.

Spiritually Based Religious Therapeutic: Anti-Aging, Natural Clerical/ Ministerial Medicine, Ayurveda/ Nature Cure, SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy, Chirothesia-Hands on Therapy and Healing, Sacred Bodywork, Mental, Emotional and Health Counseling:

Comprehensive Listing:

Special!! Book your first appointment before June 1st. and receive the AO SCAN Frequency Body Analysis  at no additional fee! Make an Inquiry Now (706) 358-8646 to discuss who we are, what we offer or how we can help you. Thanks!

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Holistic, Natural, Clerical Clinical: Dr. James and Licentiate, Board Certified, Doctor of Natural Medicine (SMOKH- Ministerial) and Naturopath, practices the highest standards of Pastoral, Clinical Holistic Medicine and Psychological, Emotional Counseling. Dr. James uses both modern clinical biological assessments and test to determine metabolic, organic and endocrine imbalance as well as the entire repertoire of NAIC Authorized Asian/ Oriental Medical assessments from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Please Note! We can potentially save you thousands in health Assessment service.

Currently offering clients the NAIC Tribal Org.: AO SCAN Frequency Body Analysis (May be offered remotely),  St. John POC Vital Wellness Screening and NAIC Health Assessment Service Suite!(NAIC/ SMOKH Members only)

Vital Wellness Screening: Assessments currently included in NAIC Comprehensive Wellness and Health Service. (Please Note: Due to Covid restrictions NWS is not currently offering the Vital Wellness Screening Service… we are offering the AO SCAN Frequency Body Analysis exclusively.)

As a pastor and counselor we also has access to the entire tool chest of Natural Medicines using plants, herbs, nutrients, light, sound and pressure. As an NAIC Minister, SMOKH Ordained Minister, Board Certified, Authorized Licentiate Holistic Counselor’s and/ or Monastic Medical Physician and Therapists we brings the entire scope of practice of these varied disciplines to bear.

The basic program developed by Dr. James is the Therapeutic Day Protocol. The “Therapeutic Day” program consist of seven different individual sessions, conducted on seven different days. The SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day full protocol with Dr. J also incorporates and exhaustive detox and nutritional guidance program called SomaVeda® Pancha Karma. For a more detailed description of all the components of the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day/ Pancha Karma Program Click Here!

It takes a minimum of a full week commitment to healing to complete the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day and Pancha Karma. For maximum effect please schedule the sessions as close together as possible. Depending on the complaint, necessity and goals for therapeutic outcomes, D. J creates a unique and personal approach for every client stressing integration of mind, body and spirit. We treat people not symptoms is the maxim. Whether your health and wellness challenge is of the body, mind or spirit natural, spiritually based holistic medicine has an answer for you. Program includes a free initial consultation. If you would like more information on specifically if our services can be helpful for you or have questions: Call today (706) 358-8646.

Please note: Your clinical services with Dr. James are deductable on your income tax : http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc502.html


Natural Wellness Solutions Technologies:

In an effort to provide customized and personal service we are also providing the following enhancements for you specifically selected wellness and care protocols. Add-On Products and Services To Get You There!

Special!! Book your first consultation and or appointment before October 31st. and receive the Vital Wellness Screening at no additional fee! Make an Inquiry Now (706) 358-8646 to discuss who we are, what we offer or how we can help you. Thanks!

Contact Natural Wellness Solutions Directly by E-Mail Click Here!

(706) 358-8646

Please note: We do not see or provide services to the Public. Private specialized ministerial services and or counseling provided exclusively by and to NAIC Authorized members. Active NAIC APM membership required for any and all consultations and or services, exchanges etc.

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