SomaVeda Level Three, Nuad Boran, Northern Style Thai Yoga Certification Course

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SomaVeda® Nuad Boran Northern Style Thai Yoga and Traditional Thai Massage: Level Three:  Approved CEU NAIC, A.A.P.N.A., N.C.B.T.M.B., F.S.B.M.T., S.M.O.K.H.

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We are continuing the work that has begun in SomaVeda® Levels One and Two. This class’s prerequisite for attendance and certification is the SomaVeda® Level One: Fundamentals of Thai Yoga Therapy and the  Level Two “SomaVeda® Ayurvedic Thai Massage.” Explore in detail the Chinese and Hill tribes’ influence on hands-on healing by learning the eight basic flows of the SomaVeda® Northern method. These flow (Traditional Vinyasa), although similar to those of the ITM and Old Medicine Hospital Traditions, are taught in a manner and context with supplemental information unique to the SomaVeda® program. Typically introduced in Thailand in ten days, we have cultivated the “Express” version for Western students and present the same and more information in only six or seven days! This course is an Indigenous Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training and certification program. It is required for Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Thai Yoga Therapy Teacher certification.

The Nuad Boran is presented in two separate sections. Nuad Boran Level One and Nuad Boran Part A. Nuad Boran Level One covers Introduction through the “Abdominal” section, and Nuad Boran Part B includes Abdominal to Seated attitudes. Nuad Boran Part A & B are two different seven-day retreats totaling fourteen days (112 hrs). N.C.B.T.M.B. CE is granted for the first 50 hours of Part A. Two Separate Certificates of Completion are issued, and credit may be applied to any N.A.I.C., A.C.N.M. College degree program, or SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certification program.

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Nuat Boran Thai Northern Style Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy

Understanding the Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, the Ten Principles of Sen, Nadis, and Chakras are deepened. Basic Western anatomy and physiology, as they apply to the SomaVeda® Nuad Boran (Chiang Mai style), have now been introduced. The role of the breath in partnership within the therapeutic encounter is discussed and practiced more intently. The course is predominately hands-on, with a thorough introduction to the underlying philosophy and energy theory. This course focuses on using Puja or intentional affirmations and mantras in healing. This course originates from the Shivago lineage, and we will learn and practice the Om Namo Mantra daily. This class is “hands-on” and quite intensive. It is designed to take your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapy experience to a higher level. When this course is facilitated by Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James, and or SomaVeda® Certified Teachers taught by Dr. James, advanced practitioners will also benefit from the intensive tutoring and corrective guidance of a Master Instructor. Additional Oriental and Western Anatomy and Physiology are introduced.

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The Lanna or Northern style (Nuad Boran) is the most Yang variation of the traditional SomaVeda® Thai Yoga healing methods. In this course, we will catalog more than two times the unique techniques found in SomaVeda® Level Two, that’s, over 100 different Asana or Therapeutic postures.


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SomaVeda® Thai Reishi Hand Yoga (Reussi Dottan) and Hatha Yoga Certification Program (Traditional “Reussi Dottan” Reishi-Yoga Warmups and Self Treatment!)

SomaVeda® Nuad Boran: Level Three course is offered in a Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced format for three sections (A, B & C). It is provided at the Parent school twice a year as a dedicated program and at other times by SomaVeda® Certified Teachers on their respective schedules. However, no matter where or who is facilitating the course, Levels #1 & 2 remain prerequisites.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due! Our version of the Northern or “Lanna” style Traditional Thai Massage, Nuad Boran, was given to us by the late Grand Master of the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai in the early 90s. Ajahn, Sintorn Chaigun gave us the original request to “Take This Work to America” and the West. We took it to heart and have been strictly teaching and sharing what he taught us from that time to now. Below is a video of Dr. Anthony B. James’s interview with Ajahn and Sintorn Chaichagun in 1993. Please note it’s in Thai and English.

Ajahn Sintorn Interview from SomaVeda Thai Yoga on YouTube.

The course includes SomaVeda® Thai reflexology treatment for the Hands and Feet and the basics of the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Table Massage techniques. Learn the Feet and leg lines, Supine position, Side Lying Position, Prone Position, Leg Stretching, and Abdominal as well as the famous SomaVeda® seated position treatment methods and flow. During this seven-day intensive, there is the additional practice of the meditative and spiritual aspects of training, i.e., Vipassana ( Insight Meditation) and Puja. This course completes the student’s essential complement of working tools. Over 100 distinctive Asana or therapeutic postures are covered in detail. All Thai Yoga Classes begin with daily SomaVeda® Hatha Yoga and or SomaVeda® Reishi Yoga (Reusi Dottan). (Northern Method, Minimum 64 Hr. C.E.U.s available.) F.S.M.B.T., N.A.I.C., N.C.B.T.M.B., and S.M.O.K.H. approved C.E. Hours.


Important Note! We consider this class to be a Sophisticated Beginner Class. Graduates at this level should never consider themselves professionals or present their practice to the public as professionals. These classes are meant for educational purposes only and do not purport to make any medical recommendations. Federal and State law regulates medical recommendations and diagnoses for any disease condition and may only be practiced by a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider. However, when practiced with all of the SomaVeda®, this class provides a substantial foundation for becoming a professional! Level Five A & B is currently available as a module for our intermediate and Advanced Certified Thai Practitioner Programs (C.T.P. 2 and A.H.C. and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist Certificate programs), Certified Thai Practitioner (C.T.P.), Certified Thai Teacher (TCP), Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine Ayurveda/ Traditional Naturopathic Doctor (DSNM/ ND), Ph.D. Ayurveda Medicine Doctorate and or the Doctor of Sacred Traditional and Indigenous Medicine (D.S.T.I.M.- BareBones Fast Track)

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