Thai Yoga Mastery, The Reformation, Bio-Tapp/ EFT, and Thai Yoga Part 2

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®By Anthony B. James

A New Definition of Pain

The common word “pain” describes certain qualities of imbalance or states of being. However, in this new way of understanding, real pain is represented as an impacting interference wave pattern that causes distortion fields in the Matrix Body. This kind of pain does not support the integration of the awakened consciousness. Stated, pain is a certain type of disturbance or distortion in the body’s electrical field. These distortion fields manifest in the machine (Stress Adaptive Transformational Human Biological Machine) as negative emotions that have an infinite diversity of expression and intensity. These negative emotions are complicating and contributing factors in every form of disease and imbalance of a persistent nature. There is no difference between so-called chronic physical imbalance and chronic emotional or mental imbalance apart from the nefarious role of negative emotions. The negative emotions are the symptoms of deeper energetic distortions.

Relating negative emotions and their diverse expressions to disturbances in the body’s electrical fields gives rise to the “Discovery Statement” quoted so often by Gary Craig, founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Our understanding of pain says, “Pain is the awareness of disruption of the electrical fields in the body and experience of the negative emotions.” The dominance of distortions and disruptions in the body’s electrical fields and the deviation from harmonious norms equals the loss of functional states. If the body’s mission, function, and purpose in this life is to be a vehicle for our consciousness, these distortions provide the primary impediment. These distortion patterns and the negative emotions they spawn keep the essence from ascending. These negative and dysfunctional states keep the machine completely blind, in various nap-like states or sleep. Although in the extreme, severe pain can act as an awakening or conscious shock, this is not a reliable way to awaken and can leave one heading for the Bardo (in-between or life-transition space) in a confused and disoriented state of mind.

We come together as an expression of affinity patterns because we share attention and frequency of consciousness. Or perhaps it is just because we have tried everything else and failed.  You would not be drawn to this type of work (on Self) and healing unless you already have achieved certain levels of awareness and perception. This work is invisible to most sleepwalkers but for the rare exception when they might “notice” it. It is irritating! Even the idea of it can be irritating.

Initially, it is not received as “balancing” or healing. It is as if while you were in a very deep sleep, someone or something kept pricking you just enough to have you whine and move about but not enough to wake you or for you to become aware of what was the matter.

This work is not for sleepwalkers, at least not for those who are always asleep. It is for the newly awakened person. The person who is suffering from the consequences of that awakening by now is acutely aware of the imbalances evident in the machine and, now more than ever, sensitive to layers of distortion and the role and expressions of negative emotions in every area of life.

We have always been partners in the eternal, which now exists as a pure form in the realm of energy. We are partners working to solve the riddles of our common existence and manifestation in this material world. The artist Alex Gray uses the term “World Spirit” to denote the great integration and cohesive unity of design and intent, our place in the web of life. We are here together, by communion of our common purpose and union of our corporate energetic nature, to overcome the limitations of our individual physical selves. We have help!  We are all help to one another. One of the secrets of the evolving soul is that there are not “many.” There is only one. Within that one is a continuum of expression and variation of frequency. Our pain, our suffering, is a symptom of discord from the great harmony of life. However, we are not cast adrift without resources. One of my Ayurveda professors, Dr. Pillai of Kerala, used to simply say, “We suffer because we do not know union with the oneness which is our true nature…Ayurveda, the science of life, is about restoring that oneness by whatever means possible.” Bio-tapping is a tool to assist us in doing this.

We work together because we have always worked together. We are each other’s eternal Bodhisattva or liberating partners and fellow guides. We are our benevolent deity and each other’s Heruka (Wrathful Deity) and demons.

Our ambition is to be real and to know the whole story. What is our nightmare? To be less than real. To be fractured and alone. To be dark and empty. To be kept or held low and helpless before the afflictions inside and out against our will. Since we are Bodhisattva, let us step forward and be guided in light and life- touching, speaking, balancing, restoring, healing, and unifying one another. Since we are Heruka, let us with great joy consume the unproductive and dead parts of ourselves without care or mercy, as these parts are NOT REAL!

In practice, we are attempting to release the bound-up interference patterns and the negative emotions from which they originate. In a thousand ways, Quan Yin Bodhisattva reaches out with ten thousand lotus hands, each representing one dance of liberation, one practical expression of perfected compassion, one technique for the manifestation of awakening, and one step towards the great liberation of the boundless being and true essence. One example is of the joy found in a place where pain is not the ruler and standard of one’s being, where life is not defined and interpreted through or by the distorted spectacles of suffering in its infinite variety. Yes, the dance of liberation, to know that we are now and always have been the expression of our own perfected luminosity.

So, begin to work with this thought: “What is now before me is a reflection of my own perfect luminosity.  Even though I have this manifestation of my negative emotions, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

To be in this state is to be in a different place, realm of existence and life entirely. This work is Bardo’s work and, when diligently applied, will provide assistance and support for the journey.

We call the specific integration of Tapping into SomaVeda BIO-TAPP or B.E.T. For more detailed and specific insight into the principles on which the Bio-Tapp is based, please order a copy of my book, “The SomaVeda Bio-Tapp/ BET Manual”.

Think about how your life is impacted by negative emotions. If for no other reason, consider the elegant and simple ideas to bring healing to this area of your life. Millions of people around the world are enslaved to the Western psychological systems based on commerce and coercive therapies such as psychiatric drugs, ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy), and the like. Therapies have proven to be ineffective and, in many cases, more life-disturbing than the original disorders that qualified them in the first place. They are enslaved because they have been led to believe there are no reasonable alternatives, and they are helpless in the face of their negative emotions, fears, phobias, compulsions, depression, anxieties, and neurosis. By adding and incorporating effective, safe, and reliable methods for releasing and balancing our negative emotions, we empower ourselves and our clients.

SomaVeda Thai Yoga and Thai Massage holistic healing therapies have always been about bringing light and life into every part of the person; these therapies are an example of what true medicine is for mind, body, and spirit.

Bio-Tapp and Thai Yoga Video: Part 2

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