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Welcome to the N.A.I.C., Inc., A.C.N.M.: Thai Yoga Center General Store!

We have personally vetted these vendors and have determined their products to be the very best for SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, Native American and Holistic Health Practitioners. If you don’t see a recommended product or item on this page it’s probably on at our BeardedMedia or one of our partner-affiliate websites!

Richardson Nutritional Center Laetrille Product Line

Richardson Nutritional Center Products and Supplements: Laetrille, B17 and more!






The Vibrational Strategies for Wellness

Siver Edge Micro Colloidal Silver Maker The Silver Edge Wellness Enhancing Products and Education.




SOTA Instruments and the Bob Beck Protocol SOTA Instruments Products and Micro Current News! Use “CA50270” on checkout for a 10% discount!



180 Biomagnetic TherapiesBio-Magnetic Kits, Static Pole Magnets, books and more for your personal and therapeutic ministry.


Original Gary Craig EFT and Tapping Resources

Go to Official EFT Tutorial



Health Ranger Mike Adams Certified Products and Supplements!







How To Win In Court! Learn to become your own best legal advocate and attorney!

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