Poor Digestion

What most people do not know is that good digestion is the single biggest factor in maintaining good health. Research into the digestive process has shown that every one of our digestive processes depends upon our food being completely ground up and thoroughly mixed with the saliva.

The only way to do this effectively is to chew your food completely and keep it in the mouth for long enough to allow sufficient saliva to be mixed in with it. Swallowing food too quickly not only prevents proper grinding and mixing, it also sends the wrong signals to the digestive system causing the sequence of enzymes and hormones to be disrupted. This knowledge is encapsulated in the wise old adage “drink your food and eat your drink.”

You can learn how to correct your eating habits in the printed version of the instruction manual “NWS guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.

When partially chewed food reaches the large intestines, where digestion is accomplished through the action of friendly bacteria, the clumps of unprocessed food attract unfriendly bacteria and provide a rich medium for them to multiply. This results in the production of foul smelling gas (bloating) as well as a huge assortment of wrongly digested food molecules that not only damage the intestine (resulting in cancer), but are absorbed into the body. These toxic residues are delivered to the liver where they are broken down into harmless molecules and removed from the body via the gal bladder or kidneys. Our livers, can, however, only deal with a limited amount of these toxins, and any excess is sent to the fat cells under the skin where it is held in the fat to protect the body from damage.

These toxic residues can be removed from both the intestines and the tissues by taking a “Natural Detox Product” as part of a detoxification program.

As the circulation under the skin deteriorates with the early onset of cellulite these toxic residues become isolated and are implicated in the development of cellulite as the familiar and ugly “orange peel” and “mattress skin” takes shape.

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