Hormone- Estrogen Imbalance

Hormone and imbalance of Estrogen in the development of Cellulite

The female hormone Estrogen is responsible for softening the fibrous tissue that closes the womb just before delivering a baby. Without the role of this hormone, childbirth would be impossible.

However this action of estrogen is not limited to childbirth. An excess of Estrogen in women is believed to cause the weakening of the connective tissue that allows the fat to bulge up into the skin.
(See What is Cellulite and How Cellulite Develops.)

Excess estrogen is thought to be one of the main causes of cellulite, perhaps because people can blame it on poor genetic inheritance. But this does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. There are several treatments for normalization of hormones. For example Vitamoor has been shown to directly balance hormones.

You can learn all you need to know about the role of hormones in the “NWS’s Guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.

Artificial drug based hormone manipulators could prevent (but will not remove) cellulite. Unfortunately they tend to have nasty side effects. The roles of hormones in our body is so complex that doctors cannot predict the outcome. Lets say you reduced the amount of Estrogen with a drug, How do you know that you are not reducing calcium absorption in your bones? How do you know that womb tissues will be softened for childbirth? Those are just two roles of Estrogen, think of the imbalances that might be caused for the hundreds of other roles?

Then there is the natural way to treat imbalanced hormones. Components of NWS’s is being used in hundreds of clinics throughout North America and Europe for the treatment of Cellulite. NWS’s Cellulite Management Program consists of state of the art scientific manual therapies (FDA Approved), Weight/ Fat/ Nutritional management, Fitness component and complex of natural, biologically active substances that has been shown again, and again to create a natural hormonal balance without side effects. The program also improves circulation, removes the toxins, and helps lymphatic drainage, all being key elements in removing and preventing cellulite.

Although Estrogen is the cause of weakening connective tissue, there is a theory that the real cause of cellulite is poor lymphatic and blood circulation. It might be quite normal for women to have softened connective tissue, but when this is combined with poor lymphatic and blood circulation, the cells below the skin accumulate toxins that cause swelling due to fluid and fat retention. This swelling then stretches the connective fibers which results in unsightly cellulite. However, with good circulation the fat should be easily absorbed by the body. Read more about this in Rebuilding Damaged Tissue.

Looking for a complete or comprehensive cellulite program which includes strategies for balancing and properly managing hormone and estrogen levels naturally? NWS’s Program Offers

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