Bad Diet

Bad Diet- Nutrient Dilute/ Poor Nutrition: This is really an extension to the poor lymphatic circulation theory. Researchers believe that the poor lymphatic drainage that causes the skin to be bloated with lymph, is also due to a build up of toxins and damaging chemicals known as free radicals. You can read more about this in the instruction manual, “NWS’s Guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.

The first place that the body stores dietary toxins that the liver cannot break down, is in the cells under the skin. These toxins originate in junk food and from incomplete digestion. They cause fluid and fat retention in the cells which then swell up and reduce blood circulation and block the lymph from draining properly. Reduced lymph drainage and blood circulation causes fat accumulation, stretching of the connective fibers under the skin and the ugly bulging pattern of the skin known as cellulite.

NWS’s Program recommends a natural totally unique dietary supplement and detoxification program to balance hormones and remove toxins from the digestive system. NWS’s Program also has a natural treatment to nourish the skin, promote circulation, and remove the toxins located directly under the skin. These supplements have been found to be a very effective natural cellulite treatment.

It is thought that the reason for cellulite being so prevalent in commercialized countries is that protein consumption’s have gone through the roof. Although the body needs protein, an excess is very hard for the liver to handle, it can process so much and then dangerous chemicals known as free radicals as well as toxins, start to build up. The first place that the body stores these substances is under the skin. Protein maybe one aspect, but think of all the other trash that we are continually pouring into our digestive system with all the processed and junk foods.

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