Overexertion may contribute to development of Cellulite

Over Exertion
Whereas exercise is essential for preventing and further reducing the appearance of cellulite, there is now no doubt that any overexertion and stress causes a build-up of free radicals in the tissues. Doctors and scientists are becoming increasingly aware that most of the serious diseases common today start with damage caused by free radicals. The tissues under the skin are very vulnerable to damage, particularly in women, so any accumulation of excess free radicals in this area will cause serious damage to the circulation.

The most effective means for restoring damaged circulation is a managed therapeutic program targeting not only affected areas but the whole body and all individual body systems at the same time. Measurable increases occur gradually and progressively over time. Targeted applications with the SomaVeda® TAELR™/ OPT/ Endermologie™ and therapeutic Yoga and therapeutic massage components of the NWS program coupled with nutritional support and a sensible exercise program can make dramatic improvements to overall circulation and may also reduce long term effects of stress and over exertion.

The body can deal with the free radicals caused during short bursts of overexertion such as those experienced during team or competitive sport and weight or resistance training, but if the overexertion is sustained, as in long distance running, competitive athletics and many misguided aerobics or fitness classes, then serious damage begins to accumulate.

You can learn how to manage your exercise comfortably in the electronic or printed version of the instruction manual “NWS’s Guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.


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