Causes of Cellulite

Causes and Solution for Cellulite

In the past chronic edema and cellulite have been widely interpreted as a fat and or metabolic disorders. However, recent medical research has discovered that it is in fact primarily a disease of the metabolism and circulatory system that deforms the connective tissue. Read more about this in the instruction manual, “NWS’s Guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.

Research has shown that various components of Natural Wellness Solutions SomaVeda® Rejuvination Program may actually reverses damage to the circulatory system and rebuilds the blood supply.

It was thought previously that chronic edema and cellulite was caused by obesity, why then was it found on skinny women? In fact it is found on 95% of woman today. Although it is the fat bulging upwards that causes the irregularity in skin appearance, the root cause is thought to be an increase in toxicity and deficiencies affecting everything from the workings of individual cells to the entire bodies metabolism. This includes the weakening of the tiny blood and lymph drainage vessels that maintain a fresh supply of nutrients in the tissues as well as removing damaging metabolic by-products.The increase in edema systemically can be considered a significant symptom of Metabolic X Syndrome.

This results in damage to the connective tissue that shapes the fat and keeps it from bulging outwards. Although by reducing the fat, one can reduce the appearance of chronic edema and cellulite, it does not eliminate the cause, nor does it remove the look.

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