Damaged Tissue

NWS’s Program and Circulation – Rebuilding Damaged Tissue
Over 500 published research studies showed key components of the NWS program to be among the most powerful healing agents available today. For this reason they are widely used in European hospitals.

The body uses its circulation to heal itself. Without the circulation there can be no healing, with circulation almost any damage can be healed. Basically most illnesses and health conditions of the body are related to two different issues relative to one another. They are “Toxicity” and “Defeciency”, too much or too little of something vital.

Generally speaking, cellulite is primarily a disease resulting from damaged circulation. No matter what else you do to reverse cellulite damage, you will need to restore the circulation. The NWS’s Program provides a complete solution for resolving the appearance of cellulite areas and so restoring the circulation. The fibers of the vegetative nervous system, lying between the epidermal cells, are stimulated by the treatments action while it draws the toxins out of the tissues, neutralizes the build-up of damaging positive ions and creates an environment that allows the blood supply to be rebuilt by the body.

Of course a major benefit is the associated benefits of being less toxic and in better all around physical fitness and appearance. Everything from self image and personal esteem to stamina and energy levels will generally be improved. Not to over emphasize the reductions in various risk factors for many diseases relating to poor circulation, sedentary life style and poor nutrition!

You can learn how to reverse your cellulite in the instruction manual “NWS’s Guide, How to Get Rid of Cellulite”.

Is Cellulite Dangerous?
Although it is not life threatening, the presence of cellulite is a warning that we should not ignore. Because cellulite is caused by collapsing capillaries, veins or lymph vessels we need to ask ourselves why they have started to collapse and whether the factors that have attacked our circulatory system under the skin are at work in other areas where more serious damage could occur, such as the brain or heart. The answer is almost certainly ‘yes’; the presence of cellulite may indicates that critical organs are suffering damage and ‘yes’ this damage will lead to chronic disease unless it is stopped.

The appearance of cellulite is often accompanied by or with Edema and lymphoedema. Chronic edema has a whole host of health related concerns and pathologies associated with it and definitely should be addressed as a potential health risk.

Looking for a complete or comprehensive cellulite program which aims at restoring vital health and supporting regeneration of damaged tissue? NWS’s Program Offers