NWS AO Scan Rates

NWS AO Scan Rates (NAIC Members Only)


$495.00     Remote Scanner Purchase (for in-home treatment only). (Also requires a subscription service to operate… not included in cost of the device.)

AO Scan Inner Voice Analysis

Sessions by Appointment Only! Please call the NWS Office (706) 358-8646 or email for available slots.

$10.00  NAIC DONATION     NAIC Authorized Participant Member (APM): Network Patient Membership

$150     NAIC Donation Per Scan (up to 1 hour) (We use PayPal, call for Appointment and Invoice. No scheduled appointment with out payment in advance. NAIC Cancellation and Refund Policy for all Donations applies.)

​NAIC Donations & Deliverables

The donation for a Comprehensive AO Scan, Frequency Optimization, Vitals Analysis, and Inner Voice (emotional) Analysis is $150.

Targeted scans are available. Feel free to let us know where you need the most help. At least three scans are needed to properly assess issues and determine the degree of effectiveness for your body.  If the scans are effective for your condition, changes in symptoms are usually noticeable immediately after the first scan. The first scan with consultation takes about an hour, subsequent scans may take only 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  Many notice improvement after just one scan.  Multiple scans are usually required to convince the body to adopt and begin creating these healthy frequencies on its own. More frequent scans at first are required when working to reset chronic issues.

Discounts for NAIC Members:

Seven Scan Protocol: NAIC Donation $945.00  (Each individual Scan, up to 1 hour)

20 Session Scan Protocol: for Chronic Conditions: Save 30% off regular session rate:  $2,400.00

(Please Note: We use PayPal, call for Appointment and Invoice. No scheduled appointment with out payment in advance.)


Dr. James knows all too well that reaching our optimum frequency can require more frequent scans when balancing parts of the body affected by chronic or “incurable conditions”. The human body can be recalibrated so we believe nothing is incurable.

Because the AO Analyzer has made such an impact on his own health, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, appendicitis, pain and spinal issues such as osteoporosis, NAIC: NWS and Dr. James gives you back 30% discount when you prepay for 20 scans. Dr. James became an AO Scan practitioner and teacher because the AO Scanner has given him an enhanced quality of life that he has been striving for all of his adult life. Additionally, as a Cancer survivor who has died clinically more than once he understands the road to recovery better than most.

You get your results and home session protocols to keep!

The results of every scan and optimization session are emailed directly to you. These graphic representations of the imbalances within your body can be printed or forwarded to your PCP or other healthcare care provider for cross-reference consultation.

You will also receive a detailed Vitals analysis (Blood, Toxicities, G.I., Nutritional, Physical, Chakra and Meridian – 28 pages), and your personal Inner Voice analysis with four customized emotion balancing tones.  (Note: In order do an Inner Voice scan from your computer, must have an built-in or plugged in microphone).

All scans are personally conducted by Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James, NAIC Director of Tribal Org. Clinical Services and Ordained NAIC Minister.  Home (remote) scanning is done online via screen sharing software (We prefer Zoom).

A Remote AO Scanner is preferred but not required for remote scans.  The device connects to your computer using one USB & one audio cable. The device functions as an amplifier.  It also includes a frequency conduction headset through which your specific quantum vibratory data is received and corrective frequencies are transmitted.

However, we have found that remote Analysis via video service is approximately 80% as accurate as a live, in-person scan, so perfectly acceptable as a substitute if your not able to travel.

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