200 Hr. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Program: November 2017

The SCNM: Thai Yoga Center Announces Indigenous Thai Yoga Practitioner Program Graduating Thai Yoga Class at NAIC Sanctuary: November 2017


Brooksville, FL – November 2017 – Exceptional SomaVeda® Teachers, students and Practitioners from around the country and with varying levels of previous experience completed the November 2017: 200 hour SomaVeda® Indigenous Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate program. The Traditional Thai Yoga Practitioner programs are conducted under the authority of NAIC/ SCNM: Thai Yoga Center.

200 Hr. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Class, September 2016
Each one individually and as part of an amazing group completed the requirements necessary to graduate with the prestigious Thai Yoga Center Certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner and or Teacher certificate.

The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate Program is a 27 day long, 200 hour intensive apprentice style immersion program covering many of the basic concepts of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy Indigenous Traditional Medicine (ITTM).

November 2017 CTP Grads

No other College of Natural Medicine, Registered School of Ayurveda and or Traditional Thai Yoga (Traditional Thai Massage) School offers this comprehensive curriculum.

Beginner and Intermediate students completed all required course work including additional personal intensive training and coaching with Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James according to their individual practice. This individual coaching centered on spiritual and personal issues as well as both personal and professional ministry development. Every student learns how to develop a successful ministry model and therapeutic practice.

Each student was personally taught and coached individually by Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James, Master teacher of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga supported by SomaVeda® Certified Teachers  Dr. Julie James, and Khruu Maureen Hughes CTT, Khruu Rachael Marshall CTT, Khruu Suzy Corgiat CTT, Khruu Marianna Cardoza CTT. They now join the many other practitioners and teachers who have come out of SCNM: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Thai Yoga Therapy and Indigenous Medicine courses.

We had four different classes ongoing! CTP1, AWC, AHC and TCP!

To see the Photo’s from the June 2017 CTP Certificate Program CLICK HERE!

Marianna Cardoza completed her SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certification Program! Congratz Khruu Marianna and welcome to SCNM/ Thai Yoga Center Adjunct faculty.

Khruu Mariana Cardoza receives SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate
November 2017, Mariana Cardoza receives SomaVeda® Teacher Certification from Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James

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