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ONACS INC: Cancellation / Refund Policies and Information

Should an individual cancel enrollment or be dismissed for any reasons by ONACS (Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda INC, A Florida Chartered Not for Profit, IRS, 501(3)(c) Compliant Religious/ Church Corporation), DBA SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, The Thai Yoga Center,  and or the current Director of Education before the completion of his/her program of study, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule.

Please Note: Acceptance of this policy shall be deemed absolutely as a precondition to being allowed to enroll in any program. By making an ONACS donation and or enrolling in any ONACS seminary/ SCNM/ The Thai Yoga Center/ ONACS Farm- Agriculture: Botanical Sanctuary educational program the student clearly states that they are over the age of twenty one, have read and understand this policy and agree to abide by the terms of this policy, no exceptions.

If a donation is made on behalf of a student by a third party, friend and or family member, then this cancellation and refund policy shall apply to those donation and payments. Acceptance of this policy shall be deemed absolutely as a precondition to being allowed to enroll anyone in any program. By making an ONACS donation and or enrolling in any ONACS seminary/ educational program the payee making the donation payment by any means whatsoever, clearly states that they are over the age of twenty one, have read and understand this policy and agree to abide by the terms of this policy, no exceptions.

Please note: ONACS is a private, non-profit, spiritual, religious and educational organization. We rely on donations for products and services and are in gratitude for each and every participant who contributes their time, donations and services.

For this reason we offer a no-refund policy on our contributions.  If there is compelling reason, we offer similar value in credit toward future events or offerings.  Each situation is treated with utmost compassion for the exchange involved.


ONACS INC Seminary, Program, Course of Instruction and or Class: Cancellation / Refund Policy

Please note: There are separate conditions regarding “Students at Large”.  Students who are registered for either individual course, clinic, supervised practice, and or any program of study for certificate of less than 1000 hours. Shall be deemed a “Student At Large”. Section “C”, “D” and “K” applies. This does not include or refer to international training programs.

With regard to any refunds due, ONACS will refund monies using the following distribution:

A.  Any applicant not accepted for admission by ONACS, SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and or The Thai Yoga Center or any co- sponsored ONAC program shall be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.

B.  As seating for all of our programs is based on a limited enrollment, donations, payments and deposits are deemed reservations and guarantees of placement.  Therefore, all donation payments and registrations are deemed “Non-refundable” at time of acceptance.  Registrations falling in the “less than three (3) day” advance pay shall be on a “Buyer Beware” basis and no refunds will be issued, unless absence is due to a bona fide Medical Emergency with supporting documentation.  Not showing or “no Show” for any individual class or classes without prior written approval, for any reason, shall be deemed a default absence without cause for refund, and shall be considered a voluntary forfeiture of all funds paid. The only exception to this will be in the case of a bona fide medical emergency properly documented with medical affidavits as requested.

C. If the student voluntarily cancels his/ her agreement to participate fully and attends or begins any program, from the start of the first hour of the first class, they forfeit 100% of all monies donated other than as approved for refunds as specified in this cancellation and refund policy in Section “K”. The buyer is an adult over the age of 21 and agrees to give up all claims to reimbursement and or any damages other than as specified in this cancellation and refund policy.

If a student applies in writing for a change of status, rescheduling of classes and or to apply tuitions paid towards one seminary program or class to another one within our program, we reserve the right to approve or to not approve such request at our discretion without penalty or recourse. Further more in the event of such submission and subsequent approval we reserve the right to make additional charges to cover any additional cost or change fees. Participant agrees to this when submitting request for change of status.

D. Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and date of the students’ last physical attendance in the ONACS program or school.

E.  In the case of illness, disabling accident, or death in the immediate family, or other extreme circumstances beyond the control of the student, the school shall make a settlement which is reasonable and fair to both student and the program. This settlement will be made by arbitration within the church exclusively, participant agrees to all in-church arbitration as binding.

F.  Official date of termination or withdrawal for purposes of this refund policy shall be the last day of physical attendance in the seminary program, school or workshop venue wherever held.

G.  Any student desiring to make a change in his / her status at an approved/ sponsored seminary, class or function must make such a request in writing by regular mail to the Administrative Director via regular US mail to the posted address on record.  We will respond in writing within ten (10) to thirty (30) days with approval, denial of claim for refund, or request for further information.  We reserve the right to investigate fully all claims for cancellations and refunds before responding or granting such refunds. It is understood and agreed as a precondition towards enrollment that we have the right to take this time to investigate and that doing so in no way can be interpreted as an unnecessary delay.

H.  If the school, program of study and/or seminary training is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction after the student is enrolled, prior to completion, certificate being issued and or graduation, the student shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of tuition only.  If a course is canceled and not rescheduled, subsequent to a students enrollment, the school shall, at its option, provide for a full refund of all monies paid, or shall provide for the completion of the course at the programs discretion.

I.  The Student Kit: materials, books, lab fees or other preparation and study materials are issued to the student prior to or on the first day of class, and is included as a non-refundable item in the total program cost. Should the student withdraw prior to program completion, no refund for The Student Kit or other preparation and study materials shall be made.  There is no refund for personal and professional items purchased as required in the program such as mats, massage tables, oils etc.  The Student Kit shall also include such non-transferable and non-returnable items such as e-books, digital files, books, posters, videos, discounts on additional and separate programs offered as an incentive for sign-up or registration, or adjunct support for the training. These non-refundable items will be deducted from any refund at the full retail value, including shipping if not a digital product.  Please note that course materials and digital products offered in conjunction with our programs may have a retail value in excess of the total cost for the course registered.

J.  Upon receipt of request for refund via regular US mail (no signature required) located at 5401 Saving Grace Ln, Brooksville, FL 34602, ONACS will review the request to determine eligibility.  ONACS will generally respond to the written request within thirty (30) days with either an approval, a request for additional information, or a denial. If the refund if any is approved, ONACS will disburse funds by check according to the schedule set in Section “K”. Email request or request via social media for refunds will not be accepted.

K.  Our policy is that between the date of the deposit and the completion date of the ONACS Seminary, Yoga class and or program, registration is 100% NON REFUNDABLE without various penalties being deducted.  Should you have a bona fide medical emergency (chronic or pre-existing conditions do not qualify unless certified as a medical emergency requiring hospitalization the severity of which prevents you from attending and or participating in any capacity whatsoever in specifically our program or in any similar program or professional work), verified by a Medical Doctor, which prevents you from participating in any capacity whatsoever in specifically our program or in any similar program or professional work, we will make a refund based on the balance paid (minus the already used/non-refundable portion, minus the registration fee of $150.00 Per individual course (A CTP1 Certificate program includes 20 separate courses for example), cost of materials/ Student Kit (includes downloadable, Mp3 files, PDF materials etc.) and Early Termination Fee, as appropriate).  The only exception that we will authorize is for replacement.  If the participant supplies a new, paid in full, registration of equal or greater value, we will allow a 100% refund.

If the settlement offered by ONACS Inc. includes approved refunds, refunds will be returned as follows.  Balance after any and all penalties in three to five (3-5) equal payments, by three to five (3-5) checks paid over one hundred twenty to two hundred twenty five (120-225) days (average one (1) payment per forty-five (45) days.

L. No show and or failure to appear in class, violations of the Code of Ethics and/ or RPG’s will constitute acceptable grounds for immediate release and termination from the program and any and all remaining courses and classes etc. without notice and without recourse of any kind including refunds etc. Except in the case of a medical emergency as described above in “K”.

The student has reviewed this policy including the Additional Responsibility waiver and standard agreement and agrees by way of signature to it as a pre-requisite to enrollment in any program. The student also agrees to hold harmless ONACS and its representatives for any actions or legal proceedings arising out of a “request for refund” as a pre-requisite to being accepted in any ONACS sponsored Program. ONACS member, student, participant understands that ONACS programs are under ONACS Church/ ecclesiastical authority and that ultimately it is agreed that any and all disputes in ONACS are determined in the church jurisdiction only.

M. I understand that any and all payments made via credit card, PayPal.Com, WePay.Com, Google Checkout or any similar processor or any combination represent a commitment and binding contract to pay according to agreement, that participant agrees to pay all amounts due in full, and that in the event of cancellation of credit card payment and or filing of “charge back” claim or dispute with a credit card company or both, which results in a loss of income, fees, dues or tuitions of any kind to ONACS, that participant will cover and or reimburse this loss entirely, within 10 days by cash, certified check or money order. Furthermore, the participant agrees to reimburse entirely all legal and attorneys fees in relation to recovering any said losses resulting from failure to pay, charge backs and or reversals of transactions. All programs of study are under ONACS ecclesiastical jurisdiction and all monies paid are understood to be Donations to the ONACS. I understand this is a precondition to participation.

This cancellation and refund policy is subject to regular review and updates from time to time. It is subject to update and change at any time and the only notice will be posted on this page also including any specific agreements and conditions made with individual students on a case by case basis.

RESPONSIBILITY: Limitations Thereof: Contract for services agreement and Waiver of Liabilities.

The ONACS (Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda, Inc.), The Thai Yoga Center, The SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, or authorized representatives or assignee’s, act only as agents in making arrangements at hotels or guest houses and transportation. The participant and/or undersigned agrees that the sponsoring organization, and/ or their agents and suppliers shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or expense to person or property due to act of default of any hotel, guest house, carrier, restaurant, company or person providing or rendering any of the services included in or available to participant during program. Participant specifically warrants to indemnify ONACS Inc, Directors, Ministers, Teachers and volunteers and or his designated representatives against any loss whatsoever arising from participation in the program as a precondition to participation. The tickets, coupons, tariffs, rules or contracts , currency in use by carriers, hotel, guest house, restaurant or other contractor rendering or providing service including any food or meals, snacks etc. shall constitute the sole contract between such provider and participant. Any participation in any potentially risky activities is at the participants’ sole discretion and responsibility. This includes during personal time outside of the regular scope and practice of seminary, programs and classes.

Further, the sponsoring organization and or their agents and suppliers accept no responsibility for any damage, delay, irregularity, regularity or liability arising from pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, quarantine, government restraints, war, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty, or any other cause beyond their personal control nor for any additional expenses or damage due to change in advertised schedules or services or any other cause outside of their control. Any and all losses and expenses, will be borne by the participant; the program rates being only for the time period and the laws of the state or countries in which the accommodations, services, facilities’ are rendered. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide adequate insurance, Travel Medical Insurance and or Lost Baggage Insurance. In lieu of such insurance participant agrees that all such liability for loss, medical conditions or accidents are their entire responsibility. Although the land at Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Sanctuary (a religious and nature sanctuary) is available for use, walking, hiking etc. The participant agrees to hold ONACS, the program, land owners and representatives blameless for any accident or injury which might occur on the land either during or outside of scheduled classes etc.

I understand that the seminary, class, classes or program is not meant to be therapeutic as defined by secular and or state and federal law or to provide any therapeutic or medical service to me of any kind. Any discussion of personal medical issues is incidental to participating in generalized courses about health and healing and in no case shall be considered an exchange of medical services. Any request for personal health advise, consultation or treatment will be considered a separate and privileged agreement under the private church/ communicant and or ministerial exchange of services and counseling. I am of sound mind and body and stable emotionally to be able to participate in spiritual, health, healing, therapy and counseling classes, topics, discussions and materials potentially mature, graphic and adult in nature and understand my participation is completely voluntary. I am responsible for my own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical welfare at all times during all classes etc. I understand that in studying and practicing various therapy models and procedures, that there may be therapeutic nudity and or partial nudity during various courses or activities and this is not a problem or offensive to me. I understand that Sky Clad, nudity and or partial nudity is not a requirement for participation and in any case will always be handled in a dignified manner when appropriate. I understand that in studying SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®, and holistic healing involving the body, that graphic representation of any and all body parts including the breast may be referenced. Reasonable care is made to provide safe areas for all activities both in and out of class.

The right is reserved to cancel or change, substitute services or personnel, without notice or explanation and to decline to accept or retain, any student or participant at any time, before, during or after completion of this program or any other sponsored and or related program offered by ONACS and or representatives. This expressed right shall apply to joint programs for CTP1, 2, 3, 4, TCP, ASA, BSSc, DSNM or the like, including “Student at Large” registrations. Participants agree as a precondition to participation to the rules, procedures and guidelines as stated or amended by ONACS staff during the course of any class or program. Any member participant failing to do so, or who presents difficulty or risk to the good will of the program or personal safety of the director or of the other participants, at the director’s discretion will be summarily dismissed from the program, without recourse or refund of any kind. Illegal activities of any kind are prohibited and will be referred to the appropriate authority. ONACS, the provider, is a private education and health membership association, membership is required prior to participating in class or receiving any services or exchange of services or practice from staff and or other students. A separate ONACS Authorized Participant Membership agreement is required before any class participation.

All tuition’s are based on current rates and agreements in effect at the time of registration. All graduations, certifications, awards etc. are conditional on all payments being complete and or up to date, criteria and requirements being satisfactorily completed. No exceptions or partial certificates without written agreement.

The program and representatives shall not be responsible for transportation, nor for any accident related to travel to or from any course or program.

Please Note: As a participant in this program, I understand that these terms are binding, and as an agreement between the ONACS providers and myself is a pre-condition toward my participation in all courses, classes, apprenticeships, work/study etc. as previously noted in the offering web page related to this specific program and or programs, previously received and reviewed. I understand that all cancellation and refunds will be based on the ONACS published Cancellation and Refund policy.

I the participant, am of legal age and able to sign and confirm acceptance of this agreement responsibly.

ONACS INC Authorized Participant/ Basic/ Full and Commissioned Vocational Cards and or License: Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Note:  Contributions for Authorized APM, ABM, AFM, CHT Cards and Independent Branches do not include legal counsel in the event of governance challenges.  Our Attorneys and Founders provide the basis of an educational campaign to alert or inform governing bodies of the unique characteristics of the rights and protections of Independent Branches and their participants through an online knowledge-base and references to court precedents.

Please note that ONACS is a non-profit spiritual and educational organization. We rely on donations for various church member products and services and are in gratitude for each and every participant who contributes their time, donations and services.

For this reason we offer a no-refund policy on our contributions.  If there is compelling reason, we offer similar value in credit toward future events or offerings.  Each situation is treated with utmost compassion for the exchange involved.

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