Purewave® Subdermal Endermatherapie System

 Purewave® Subdermal Endermatherapie System









Purewave® Subdermal Endermatherapie System: Our system lets you go beyond simple vibration & percussion for new and advanced body treatments with improved results!

Please Note: This protocol is offered exclusively as part of the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Program!

Why prefer or use the PureWave CM7?

The PureWave CM7® Subdermal Therapy System performs over 20 new advanced endermic techniques for extraordinary results and benefits. Now you can enjoy, contouring and rehabilitation services with dramatic results. Unlike single function equipment, the PureWave CM7’s variable speeds, patented directional movement and patented applicators allow the technician to customize treatments to meet specific client needs. We call this the right use of technology!

These therapeutic applications are designed to be a part of a complete or comprehensive SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day program for whole person, whole body and whole life wellness and balancing return to what the creator intended!

With the PureWave CM7 Subdermal Therapy System you can provide your clients proven non-invasive body treatments that improve health and lift self image.

Featuring breakthrough French manufacturing and digital technology allowing you to perform unique Infrasonic, Medasonic and Plurasonic vibratory and percussive therapies such as:

* Slimming and contouring
* Temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite
* Full body exfoliation
* Detoxification and lymphatic drainage
* Deep tissue massage
* Rehabilitation services

The PureWave CM7 uses gyratory vibration, percussion and its patented multiple-direction stroking action for superlative body treatment results. Want to know more? Click here to learn more detail on just What is Endermatherapie?

Key Benefits
Improves circulation/nutrition to joints
Lessens inflammation in joints
Enhances relaxation and better sleep
Alleviates pain and stiffness
Reduces swelling following injury
Promotes detoxification

Benefits for Reducing Body Fat
Useful in firming body contours
Helps mobilize and eliminate long established fat deposits and subcutaneous fat
Reduces fat deposits connected with poor circulation
Bursts fat capsules in subcutaneous tissue so fat becomes absorbed in blood stream and lymph

Benefits for Skin
Improves skin texture and elasticity
Enhances removal of waste products
Increases secretion of natural oils
Exfoliates and creates soft, supple skin
Reduces risk of bacterial infection
Helps delay new wrinkles and diminishes skin growths and imperfections

Benefits for Muscle Tissue
Rehabilitation: Speeds recovery from injuries
Relieves fatigue and hastens elimination of lactic acid
Relaxes spasms and tense muscles
Keeps muscles in good tone
Helps prevent muscular atrophy

Vibratory Endermatherapie is the unique PureWave CM7 technique and process that shapes the skin and body with special applicator heads.  Only the PureWave CM7 System simultaneously provides three forms of vibration treatment to stimulate and nourish your skin and tissue to help you achieve a firm and sleek contour.

Cellulite Treatments

Treatments with the PureWave CM7 Endermatherapie Vibratory System and the exclusive Celiminate Toning and Sculpting Cream help fight and eliminate cellulite.   Cellulite is a clinical condition found in almost all women.  Cellulite is characterized by:

Clumping and aggregation of fat cells
Loss of capillary networks in the skin
Thinning of the connective tissue
“Orange peel” or “cottage cheese” dimpling appearance of skin

The vigorous massaging action of the PureWave CM7 aids in breaking bonds between fat cells while the Celiminate helps dissolve and flush away the cellulite.   Regular PureWave CM7 cellulite treatments help you achieve a more compacted, attractive skin appearance.

Exfoliation Treatments

The multiple-direction and abrasive effect of the special PureWave CM7 exfoliation applicator is highly effective in stimulating blood circulation.   Exfoliation loosens and removes dead skin cells while leaving the skin soft, supple and radiant.  Gx-99 exfoliation encourages the gentle removal of surface skin cells to promote a more youthful, glowing complexion.  Our bodies naturally shed over 500 million dead skin cells each day.  Exfoliation is our best defense against the aging process because it accelerates the production of new skin cells.  Gx-99 exfoliation treatments help to stimulate new cell growth and beautify the skin.

The PureWave CM7 System improves the low of lymph throughout the body.   Regular PureWave CM7 treatments stimulate and improve the elimination of waste products (via the lymph) and strengthen the immune system.

There are lymph vessels and lymph nodes throughout the entire body.   The lymphatic system plays an extremely important part in fighting infection and increasing immunity to disease.  The lymph system also acts as a purification and drainage system for the body.  Unlike our blood circulation system, the lymphatic system has no heart to pump lymph throughout the body.  As a result, pressure in the lymph vessels tends to be low and is easily restricted, causing pooling, swelling, toxic build-up and/or other complications.  PureWave CM7 treatments stimulate and increase the movement of lymph so you receive the healthy and important benefits of improved lymph flow and detoxifying drainage.

PureWave CM7 Body Treatments
Cellulite Treatments
Lymphatic Drainage
Slimming and Reducing
Exfoliation Treatments
Relaxation Treatments
PureWave CM7 Therapy Treatments
Accupressure (Shiatsu)/Pain Relief
Stiff Neck
Low Back Pain
Sinus and Nasal Congestion
Local edema and inflammations
PureWave CM7

Sports/Rehabilitation Treatments


Perform High Demand Sonic Therapy Treatments With Ease

Only the Superior Professional Endermosonic System includes digital control to perform accurate therapies. With a large selection of applicator heads you can achieve better results and provide safe, non-invasive treatments.

The Superior Professional Endermosonic System digitally locks a consistent, pressure-resistant speed at any wavelength:
Infrasonic (1-20 Hz), Medasonic (21-40 Hz) and Plurasonic (41-60 Hz)

Infrasonic Technology

Infrasonic- Producing exact vibratory waves with controllable pulsation at frequencies ranging from 0-20 Hz.

Infrasonic Therapy utilizes slow vibratory waves that are very deep and wide. Infrasonic waves increase blood flow and circulation and help stimulate muscle regeneration and tone. The slow waves travel deep beneath the skin and are ideal for percussive therapies that require breaking up fatty deposits.

Medasonic Technology

Medasonic- Producing exact vibratory waves with controllable pulsation at frequencies ranging from 21-40 Hz.

These vibratory waveforms pulse more frequently than Infrasonic waves. As the Medasonic vibrations increase, the waveforms decrease in width. Medasonic therapy brings blood to the subcutaneous layer allowing for the performance of treatments requiring less vibratory stimulation. At this level we reach the deep dermal layers for tissue regeneration & stimulation.

Plurasonic Technology

Plurasonic – Producing exact vibratory waves with controllable pulsation at frequencies ranging from 41-60 Hz.

Plurasonic waves are narrow vibratory waves that pulse in constant rapid formation at the high end of  Sonic Therapy frequency. Plurasonic vibratory treatments penetrate superficially for circulation, oxygenation and nourishment of the tissue.

Precision therapy services include:

 Infrasonic Therapy
(0-20 Hz) 
 Medasonic Therapy
(20-40 Hz) 
 Plurasonic Therapy
(40-60 Hz)
Temporarily Reduce the Appearance of CelluliteTemporarily Reduce the Appearance of CelluliteSlimming & Contouring
Full Body Exfoliation/ Pancha KarmaDeep Lymphatic DrainageSkin Treatments
Deep Intramuscular TreatmentsSubcutaneous MassageSuperficial Lymphatic Drainage
Respiratory TherapiesTrigger Point Therapy/ Thai Marma ChikitsaSuperficial Body Circulation
Fibromyalgia TreatmentsSomaVeda® Thai ReflexologySports & Rehabilitation Treatments


SIX Unique Therapeutic Capabilities

Traditional vibration and percussive systems offer limited capabilities, but PureWave CM7 includes a total of 6 actions that go beyond simpler vibratory therapies.

  1. Multiple Vibratory Action
    2. Dual-Line Mobilization
    3. Percussion Action
    4. Infrasonic capability
    5. Medasonic capability
    6. Plurasonic capability

SomaVeda® Endermatherapie full-range of treatment actions have many benefits:

  1. Stimulates cells and regenerates tissue
    2. Temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite
    3. Creates hyperemia
    4. Mobilizes tissues
    5. Helps increase lymphatic flow
    6. Oxygenates and nourishes the tissue
    7. Stimulates the BMR
    8. Enhances relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being
    9. Positively affects the peristaltic movement
    10. Temporarily relieves pain
    11. Sports and respiratory rehabilitation therapies


What to expect… Before and after photographs. These are actual patient photo’s taken from Cellulite reduction program participants used with their permission.

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