What is Endermatherapie?

Endermatherapie™ is a non-invasive technique and advanced method for increased circulation to the skin, muscle, connective tissue and skin cells. Endermatherapie™ is patented and works both perpendicular and parallel to body’s surface. Improved results are achieved with simultaneous vibrational gyratory pressure, percussion stroking and/or kneading together with applied heat and or essential oils. Endermatherapie™ uses a variety of custom shaped applicators designed for different parts of the body. The specific applicators allow for greater deep tissue and structure work for increased circulatory, and direct physical stimulation benefits. Endermatherapie™ does not stretch, pinch, or pull the skin and is not painful.




What Makes Endermatherapie™ So Effective?


The patented PurWave® subdermal-subcutaneous Therapy System provides a non-invasive method for increased circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite, alleviating muscle pain and inducing relaxation. Its formula for success includes three unique components:


1) Patented Directional Stroking® Motion
It utilizes a directional-stroking motion that works both perpendicular and parallel to the body’s surface. This revolutionary feature is superior to simple percussion or vibration alone because the subdermal-subcutaneous Therapy System simultaneously provides two directional movements for body treatments:

* Perpendicular action helps loosen and liquefy fluids
* Parallel action helps mobilize an direct fluids




2) Variable speeds
By adjusting the cycles per second, treatment effects can be greatly varied:

* Low Speeds (0-30 CPS) for exfoliation and relaxation
* Medium Speeds (30-45 CPS) for deep penetration into muscle tissue
* High Speeds (45-60 CPS) for topical skin treatments and suction effects


3) Specialized applicators
Different shapes, sizes and contours of applicators conform easily to the natural shapes of the body enabling you to produce different effects such and petrissage, effleurage, tapotement and suction/cupping. The applicator shapes alter the geometry of the waves produced by the GX-99®. Combining massage techniques with the correct Enermatherapy™ applicators results in endless treatment variations which enable you to achieve customized results.


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