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Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as Thai Traditional Massage, is the fastest-growing and most sought-after healing modality in the world today. Of course, the best way to learn is in a live class with a Master Teacher or Thai “Ajahn,” such as at the Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, Florida, studying with Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James, and or his trained and certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga staff Khruu or Teachers.

You Asked for it! THAI YOGA ONLINE Learning Platform!

However, if you can’t make it to a live SomaVeda® Thai Yoga class either because of scheduling or cost, the next best thing is to learn from the Master Teacher at Home!
Now you can Learn SomaVeda® Thai Yoga at Home!
Don’t waste your time on lessons from untrained and uncertified, and or non-authentic teachers.
Come to a genuine source for your continuing education!
Hi everyone, and good day!
I am continuing my current project of bringing you new and valuable information and content to empower you to Jump Start Your Healing Practice. This content is designed to supplement and add to your existing SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practice. It also reviews the great content in our LIVE SomaVeda® / Ayurveda/ Natural Medicine courses. It’s not enough to have a goody bag of useful “tricks” and “bits” of therapies to create a successful healing practice. Degrees and Certifications are acceptable, but in and of themselves do not lead one to a happy, successful, and fulfilling life, an intrinsically successful, happy life.
Recent Course Releases…
  1. Here is the course list I’m offering you to start today!
    1. Learn How To Jump Start your Healing Practice and Improve your Income! Save your hands! Save your hands! Expand your Therapeutic capacity. Make an incredible income! All-Inclusive Monthly Subscription Program!
Expand your Therapeutic capacity. 
Make a high income! 
All-Inclusive Monthly Subscription Program!
Learn Thai Yoga Course List:
Core Lessons Available in Monthly Subscription Program Only

Current Issues:
    2. Natural Solutions for Infections for Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Therapists: How to naturally treat chronic and acute infections!
    3. Natural Solutions for Corona, Flu and Novel Infections: Corona Strategies for Yogis and Healers
    4. Free Guide to What is Thai Yoga? 101: What it is and How this Practice can Jumpstart your Therapy Practice!
    5. What is Thai Yoga? 101: To see where we are going, consider where we start!
    6. Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy and Traditional Thai Massage: Learn the Level One Traditional Flow
    7. Clinical Applications of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy: Research and clinical benefits, applications of Somaveda® Thai Yoga for Syndromes and Disease
    8. Insight Into Vaccines for Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, and Healing Arts Practitioners: Questions and Answers to Vaccine Issues for Yoga Therapists and Families
    9. Infections 101: Natural Solutions for Infections for Allied Therapists: N.C.B.T.M.B. .5 C.E. Hrs.: Free with “Jump Start” Subscription! .5 C.E.’s N.C.B.T.M.B. Massage Therapy
    10. SomaVeda® Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage Therapy: Level Two Concepts: Buddhai Sawan Style Traditional Thai Ayurveda and Traditional Thai Medical Massage
    11. SomaVeda® Bolster Magick™: Thai Yoga Thai Massage for Head, Neck, and Shoulders: SomaVeda® Bolster Magick™ New dimensions in Healing
    12. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain and Discomfort Solutions for Thai Yoga Therapists: Everything Thai Yoga Therapists need to know to resolve Carpal Tunnel Pain using SomaVeda® Thai Yoga protocols!
    13. Northern Style, Nuad Boran or “Lanna,” Chiangmai-Chiangrai Thai Yoga Insights: Nuad Boran or “Lanna” Northern Kingdom Style SomaVeda® Practice
    14. Sustainable Eating Equals Sustainable Health: How to eat right to support and maintain health and wellness
    15. Theory and Principles of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® Level Four Materials
    16. Increase Your Focus for Better Life and Practice: How to reduce distraction, sharpen focus and achieve a better life and practice!
    17. Meditation for Focus and Success: Jump Start Your Practice by Adding Meditation to Improve Focus and Success
    18. The Freedom of Living in The Now!: Bring power into your life by living in the Now
    19. How to Get Back on the Health Track in 2021: Lose your New Year’s Health Resolution?
    20. Prosperity for Healers and Health Practitioners: How to Overcome Limitations in Building Your Dream Healing or Therapy Practice
    21. It’s In You! Developing a Healing Arts Entrepreneurial Mindset: Taking the Risk out of Building your Health Arts Practice or Clinic
    22. The Blind School of Thai Traditional Medicine and Yoga Therapy: Blind Traditional Ayurveda and Marma Chikitsa in Thailand
    23. Your No-Nonsense Guide to Effective Leadership Skills: Business Management Action Plan
    24. Mental Health for Patients and You: Strategies and Functional Solutions for Mental and Psychological Wellness
    25. Using Tools in Thai Yoga & Ayurveda! The Right Use of Technology: SomaVeda® T.A.E.L.R., Gua Sha, Dhit Dha, Lajiin, Bio-Magnets, Scalar, Beck Protocol, Vibrational, Electro-Therapy, and More!
    26. Legal Guidelines for Alternative and Complimentary Providers: Everything to know about C.A.M., Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Energy and Indigenous Medicine Licensing
    27. Minimalism: Reducing Clutterfor a More Fulfilling Life
    28. That Thou Art: Jnana Yoga Course: 18 Lessons and Lectures on Jnana Yoga/ Self-Realization by Swami Vivekananda
    29. Heart Opening Designs: Coloring Book!: The Mandala, Chakra, and Sacred Art Coloring Book
    30. How to Start a Home-Based Sacred Healing and Counseling Business: How To Start Your Home-Based Sacred Healing and Counseling Business, In Ten Days Or Less!
    31. Nothing to Hold You Back: Your Personality, The Key To Your Success
    32. Lessons in Cultivating a Positive Outlook for a Happy and Successful Life: Everything You Need To Know About Being More Positive and Less Negative
    33. Prioritize your Life: Manifest More Time for Achieving Your Goals and Enjoying Life
    34. The Disorganized Procrastinator’s Guide to Self Organization & Time Management: How To Organize and Give Your Self More Time For What Matters!
    35. Personal and Professional Development with Certificates and Legal Authorization to Practice (N.A.I.C.)
    36. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Professional Online Certification Course (CTP1-DL): Distance Learning: Now Includes “Non-Contact” and Basics of Ayurveda Heath Coaching! (Separate program: Not included in monthly subscription)
    37. Ayurveda Nutrition & Constitutional Medicine: Everything You Need To Know About Nalanda-Tibetan Traditional Ayurveda
    38. PUJA: The Art Of Prayer in SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: How to manifest unconditional love in healing work
    39. The Power of Kindness: As an Expression of Unconditional LoveIncluded N.C.B.T.M.B.: FREE CE Courses!

More courses and lessons with updates are added regularly!

Free C.E. Course! Natural Solutions for Infections for Allied Therapists: N.C.B.T.M.B. .5 C.E. Hrs.
FREE CE! Solving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for Allied and or Massage Therapist: 7 Hr. N.C.B.T.M.B. CE CoursePlus:
A) SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Professional Online Certification Course (CTP1-DL): Distance Learning: Now Includes “Non-Contact” and Basics of Ayurveda Heath Coaching! (Separate program: Not included in monthly subscription)B) SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Online Pre-requisite for the LIVE Professional Certification Program: as offered by Somaveda® Thai Yoga Certified Teachers! (Separate program: Not included in monthly subscription)

And three more included classes!
It is good that our traditions have deep and ancient roots with elders and teachers who have lived the life of healers, traditional doctors, and therapists for centuries. They are our role models. We do not have to reinvent the wheel of success in what we do by ourselves. Only our current life situations and perhaps cultural considerations are unique. But what we are doing in life is not new or unusual. We can learn from our elders, and I am recommending you cultivate these lessons and qualities that don’t originate with me. Still, they are passed down to us by previous generations of healers who chose to practice essential medicine as a way of life for their whole life!
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Thai Yoga Center

The ONLY Online Thai Yoga (Traditional Thai Massage) course exclusively authored and designed by a recognized Ajahn and Master Teacher of Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy!

See Bio for Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James…CLICK HERE for the Teacher Bio!!

Currently Available in the Jump Start Your Practice All Inclusive Subscription Course (New Content! Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, this All Inclusive course program includes:

  1. Forty (42) different professional courses.
  2. 760 Lectures-lessons
  3. 458 Educational and Demo videos
  4. 88 Audio Lectures and or Mp3 Files
  5. 167 Free Textbooks, PDFs, Free Reports, plus Handout!
  6. Over 872 hours of professional Thai Yoga Therapy and Related Educational Content!
  7. 2 Free NCBTMB/ FSMBT CE Courses suitable to Massage Therapist National Certification Board License Renewal renewal requirements!
  • NEW!! It also includes New Covid-19, Novel Infection, Vaccine Information, Strategies and protocols for dealing with the current pandemic, and Vaccine Info and related! (Updated March 6th. 2023: Added 1 New Lesson and One New Free booklet on treating Post Vax and Long Covid with SomaVeda® and Functional Medicine!)
Please NOTE! Expand your practice! Of course, if you have already attended a LIVE SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certsupposeication Program, the new LearnThaiYoga online School gives you recent reviews and updates. In that case, new materials and clinical applications to keep your work fresh and practical.
At the LearnThaiYoga Online School, we are committed to bringing you the best instructional courses and support materials.
Clinical Applications: Courses cover all aspects of Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy Practice, from technique to clinical applications. Only a Physician can give you a trusted clinical approach! Dr. James is not just an Ajahn and a Master Teacher of Thai Traditional Ayurveda and Medicine. Still, he holds Doctorates in Medicine, Naturopathy, Oriental Medicine-Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Indigenous Medicine, and a Master of Science in Clinical Herbology, plus other advanced clinical boards and certifications…
We have over 200 new lessons scheduled to be delivered over the next six months! You can expect new courses, videos,s, and multiple lessons to be added or updated weekly!

The best part! How much does it cost? Only $16.95 per month!

We appreciate your support!
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