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Sacred Eating Course: Food and Nutrition Issues, The Good, Bad and the Ugly:

Nutrition for prevention and treatment of disease is the number one most significant issue which can be influenced by the patient. How do food eating habits relate to your health and wellness? What is the basis for nutritional well being? Are there direct connections between the type, quality, kind and sources for the foods we eat and the chronic patterns of ill health and disease being experienced by so many? What are the direct links between the foods we eat and the leading causes of death Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes? How food production affects the environment. Ethical issues in food production.

The benefits of a plant based diet. Dangers and issues pertaining to Genetically Modified and or Genetically Engineered foods. Dietary issues relating to allergies. What is a rotation diet? What are relationships between diet and mental/ emotional health. What is the role of additives and chemicals in the food supply? What are the common side effects and possible disease outcomes from eating foods manufactured or treated with harmful chemicals, pesticides or both? Who profits from producing and distributing “Franken Foods”. What is the role of poor or contaminated diet in health care. How can healthy diet be an asset in designing SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Religious Therapeutic programs?

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