SomaVeda Thai Yoga Level Six Pancha Karma Specialist Certification Program

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®

SomaVeda® Pancha Karma Specialists Certification Program

(Level Six: Introduction to Pancha Karma and Balancing Detoxification Programs)

The SomaVeda® Pancha Karma treatment protocol is discussed, demonstrated, and practiced. Students at this level are required to receive an entire SomaVeda® Pancha Karma Detox session from beginning to end. Based on Thai, Tibetan, and Indian Ayurveda detox sessions, this type of healing work is among the oldest recorded protocols for correcting, cleansing, and detoxifying the body/mind/ spirit.

All five components will be practiced: Mat, Chair, Table, Steam, Application of Herbs and Oils, Herbal Wraps, and Shirodhara. The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Level Six program also contains the following: SomaVeda® Anointing Essences and Aromatherapy concepts are introduced. This includes the selection, application, use, and manufacture of specific remedies ( True Light™ Flower Essence and True Light™ Essence Anointing Extracts to be used. ) The Thai Yoga Chair applications and service are demonstrated and practiced sufficiently to gain a separate certification in the SomaVeda® Thai Chair Yoga and SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Table Massage as a particular specialty. All Thai Yoga Classes begin with daily SomaVeda® Hatha Yoga and or SomaVeda® Reishi Yoga. (SomaVeda® Level Six: 16 to 64Hr. C.E.U.’s available.)

Pre-requisite Courses: SomaVeda® CTP1, A.L.C. & A.H.C. and or currently enrolled in the TCP

Important Note! We consider this class to be a sophisticated class. Graduates at this level should consider themselves professionals or present their practice to the public as professionals. These classes are meant for educational purposes only and do not purport to make any medical recommendations. Medical recommendations and diagnosis for any disease condition are regulated by Federal and State law and may only be practiced by a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider. When practiced in conjunction with the SomaVeda™ Therapeutic Day Program, this class provides a substantial foundation! Level Six is currently available as a module for our Advanced Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Programs (Post C.T.P. 3), Certified Thai Teacher (TCP), and American College of Natural Medicine (A.C.N.M.) College Degree programs.

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