Seven Unique Characteristics of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy for Multiple Therapists

Seven Unique Characteristics of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy for Multiple Therapists

(two to six practitioners)

Thai Yoga Therapy for Multiple Therapists

The benefits of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy for Multiple Therapists and the group dynamic in therapeutic interaction are well known. I would like to bring a higher awareness of this to the SomaVeda® community, specifically, and to the wider community of Yoga and Oriental Bodywork practitioners in general. There is a dynamic quality and energy that is only available when two or more practitioners concentrate on one individual.

As individual practitioners, we are seeking to create promwihan sii, the four divine states of mind: loving kindness, compassion, vicarious joy and equanimity. With two or more practitioners working together, the element of promwihan sii is demonstrated in the atmosphere of community. The client is surrounded with love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. The practitioners also partake in this experience as partners with each other and with the client.

Each practitioner brings his or her full attention to the client. The attention is focused in a more narrow way as the treatment progresses. This narrowing of the work perspective brings more attention to the particular area being worked as well as to the client as a whole.

One of the more subtle and beneficial processes observed in SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is seen when one subtle body or matrix body, interacts with another. The results of this interaction of the subtle energies found in the prana nadis, the meridians, chakras and morphogenic field between client and therapists are quite profound.  The subtle bodies of each person interact with and support one another, the influence of the stronger light body interfering, compounding and supporting the light body of the  weaker. As the practitioners are working in harmony and ‘outnumber’ the client, their healthy bio-energetic fields influence the weaker in a positive way. Time and time again, a client begins to experience shifts of energy and releases before any of the therapists even touch him.  The treatment really begins the moment the group decides to share their vitality and light with their patient.

Sometimes, I think this is where the profound treatment really takes place and the bodywork may well be what we do to keep busy in the meantime.  In other words, the most profound work of the session takes place in a Chi or Prana space. A Chi or Prana space is a space in which the air is vital and filled with Prana or Chi.

For centuries, the laying on of hands has been a secret teaching in many religions. This healing method is common to many disparate religions and philosophies. There is significant power in having a group ‘lay on hands’ with the expressed intention of supporting a healing miracle. Often, even in the face of extreme odds, healing will manifest spontaneously as a result of the intention alone.  We should not discount this but be aware that particular clients may fall into this category of receptivity. It is important that we are gathered and focused together to touch.

No matter what your level of expertise, lay on with confidence. There is not now nor has there ever been a monopoly on the miracle of true healing. The existence of love and compassion as love’s practical manifestation is beyond reproach. Being available to actually touch the sick person manifests the thought of love into the practical manifestation of love, a compassionate act. This means to me that the universe’s wealth of energy and gift of healing light is not respectful of or limited to one man or class of men or women.  If the universe will work or ever did work through the hands of a man or woman to manifest healing, this opportunity or gift is available to all for the asking now. As one of my favorite teachers, Burmese Bando Grand Master, Dr. U Muang Gyi used to be fond of saying “No nation has a monopoly of the sunlight.

The interaction between one practitioner and one client is special and profound. The interaction that may take place between multiple therapists and one client is special and utterly distinct. It is a function of community and may only take place with a high level of agreement between everyone involved.  This agreement is between the practitioners as a group and between the client and practitioners.

This is an opportunity for community expression of love and compassion. The result of this play between everyone involved is rewarding. What an incredible opportunity to live the responsibility we have to care for each other. Two, three, even five or six practitioners can work together to weave a web of love and support around the needy or lucky individual receiving treatment. A sense of real connectedness develops and is experienced by all.  This is healthy for client and practitioner alike.

The transmission of loving energy is not only on a vertical axis, it is distributed horizontally as well. This focused moment of care generates ever-widening circles of joy that impact and affect everyone in the vicinity and more. It is not unusual to see spontaneous healing’s occurring on the periphery of the treatment area. It is not uncommon to see healing and resolution of imbalance occurring within the members of the treatment team themselves. The unfolding of the healing encounter may continue long after the moment of being together has lapsed. This is why we say ‘to heal one is to heal all.’

When one practitioner works on the client there is a predictable ebb and flow of attention and manifested intention on the part of the practitioner.  More simply stated, sometimes the practitioner is more present with his client than at other times. Sometimes the practitioner is not present with his client at all!  I call this ‘cruise mode’ and I am arguing against ‘cruise mode.’ When real challenges call, only true presence can answer.

With several practitioners on the job, several things take place:

1. The practitioners stimulate each other.  Working together requires more attention and, like magic, more attention is there.

2. The cycle of attention and the ability to remain in a meditative, focused state is different for each practitioner. These cycles of attention and inattention will rarely coincide for all practitioners. One or more of the practitioners will be attentive at all times.

The potential result of this is a completely focused session for the client from beginning to end. The reason I say potential is that there must be a high level of trust and cooperation between the multiple practitioners for this result to take place fully.

With all sharing the work, there is a reduced requirement for physicality on the part of the individual healer or therapist. Each practitioner works with a greater sense of ease.  This virtually eliminates overexertion and burnout.  In fact, most practitioners report that working together in this way is stimulating and refreshing!

I first began to research multiple practitioner bodywork while assisting World Class Power lifters at the University of Virginia in 1986.  I was working as a conditioning consultant with strength coach Bill Dunn and then World Champion Lifter John Gamble.  John was 57” across the chest and had 20” arms. He weighed in at 318 pounds with 7 to 11% body fat.

Conventional therapy was out of the question!  I could barely lift an arm much less move his whole body. I recruited some willing students and was able to treat him very nicely. Everyone worked together to move him from asana (posture) to asana, at which point I would apply the specific pressure to release or effect the key points without straining in any way.  If it worked for John, it can work for anyone!

Another example of a physically difficult is a non-ambulatory patient in a wheelchair or bed who is incapable of assisting himself. With several practitioners, there should be no difficulty at all. There are also clients with complicated pathologies or traumas that need consideration. Several caring, professional practitioners are extremely reassuring to the client.

There is a great opportunity in working with one of the most tragic segments of our population, those with AIDS. Many well-meaning therapists are afraid of or thoroughly intimidated by the thought of working with people with HIV.  Correspondingly, the people who would benefit the most from some nurturing bodywork from their community miss out.

By working together as a group of caring therapists supporting one another in the care of the HIV person, everyone benefits.  Being in a difficult place is not so scary when you have reliable support from people you know. If you are afraid of working alone with “difficult clients” for any reason, reach your hand out to someone like you or someone stronger and work together to do what is in your heart to do.  In the end you will be stronger as a therapist.

The group mind of the group therapist can be quite insightful. The several therapists take on a new identity, that of the group master mind, sharing the qualities of all.  With practice, the group takes on the appearance and attention of a single master therapist with infinite tools available to bring about the possible healing of the client.

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga for Multiple Therapists and the group dynamic therapeutic interaction has the possibility of opening doors to healing which conventional, one on one, type of sessions can not. The experience and possibility of expanded healing are as good for the group as for the client or receiver. For example, one additional variation is for the group to rotate in, to have each member of the healing team to take turns being both a giver and or a receiver in turn!  Step up your communication and organize a partner approach to your next session and experience for your self what this wonderful SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga variation has to offer.

The multiple therapists style of Thai yoga is a standard part of the curriculum of the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga (Traditional Thai Massage)(Thai Yoga Massage) Practitioner Certification Program. Thai program is hosted four times a year at the Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, Florida. For details on the CTP and other fine educational offering at the Thai Yoga Center Click Here!

But for now, enjoy the Thai Yoga Multiple Therapists video, be inspired to explore and expand your practice!

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