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Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2, and Master Reiki Certification, Initiations and Attunements:

This program is an optional module for our Certified Thai Practitioner (CTP1) Certified Thai Teacher (TCP).

Reiki One initiation is conducted during CTP1. Reiki Two initiation and training in ALC and Reiki Three/ Reiki Master class is held during AHC. (Based on enrollment)

Suppose you have had Reiki training previously. You’re in for a real treat. Our style and method have proven a real eye-opener for many Reiki practitioners at all levels and are much more than a review. In SomaVeda®, we have always taught the inclusion of Reiki and now have an opportunity to bring a significant teacher into our CTP programs.

The Reiki One class includes the training, workbook, certification, and the Master’s Attunement by Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James.

This class is only available to TYC: CTP1 registered students and is not included in the basic tuition and must be paid separately.

(This course is NOT included in regular tuition for CTP1 and must be paid for separately if you wish to participate.)

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