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NAIC Authorized Independent Branches, Seminary Schools and Programs:

NAIC authorized seminary schools and programs are qualified and entitled to present, teach and conduct their own independent Native American religious, ceremonial and sacramental practices. According to their individual tribal affiliations and expertise of their Medicine Persons and elders they may also issue certification in Mother Earth based Sacred Healing Arts, courses and programs. These Native American Indigenous Church a authorized programs are a perpetuation of the native traditional and indigenous tribal healing methods and technologies passed on to us by our Medicine Elders.

They represent the best practices to foster the user’s sense of comfort and well-being and focus on health promotion, balance, comfort and the ability to draw upon one’s own healing capacities (i.e. homeostasis).

Mother Earth based indigenous healing arts and science, the practice of natural healing as we know it, does not equate to effecting a “cure”, rather it creates a relaxation and inner state of peaceful integration of mind, body and spirit that allows the body, mind and spirit to reach harmony, beauty and homeostasis, which on some occasions might allow the body to “heal” or re-balance various aspects of itself.

Please note! Independent Branches and Seminary/ Authorized Teachers may have different Authorized curriculum from NAIC. Please check with specific branch or seminary for their exact offerings and curriculum.


1) Native American Indigenous Church of Humiovi: NAICH of Knoxville, Tennessee: Minister/ Medicine Elder and Director, SomaVeda® Authorized and Certified Teacher: Dr. Arianna B. Coe CTT. Address: NAICH 2004 Bays Mtn. Rd. Knoxville, TN USA

NAIC Blessing Ceremony for NAICH medicine Elders: Photo’s

NAICH Blessing Ceremony: Video


(NAICH SomaVeda® programs are authorized extension educational programs of the Native American Indigenous Church.


Click Here for photo’s from Sacred Medicine Blessing Ceremony

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NAIC Independent Branches and or Churches Affiliates practices DO NOT include the potentially dangerous use of invasive techniques and toxic drugs that are restricted or access controlled by Federal or State statute ( Peyote) and or the province of licensed medicine unless legal and compliant to do in their respective jurisdiction.

Native American Indigenous Church:  SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (NAIC: SCNM) operates under authorization, as a degree granting institution through exemption, by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes. The state, like other states, does not require accreditation or theological accreditation for our religious education based programs.

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®, SomaVeda® are a Federally Registered Trademark/ Servicemark and proprietary Intellectual Property, All World Rights Reserved.

Important: Please Note! NAIC Inc./ SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ Thai Yoga Center Cancellation and Refund Policies apply to all registrations and or reservations for courses and programs. NAIC/ Thai Yoga Center Programs are not public and are offered exclusively under expressed ecclesiastical/ private association and acceptance of these Posted Refund and Cancellation Policies and RPG’s are a precondition towards acceptance and participation in any program or course of study. Click Here for Refund and Cancellation Policy

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