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The Essence of Ayurveda Wellness Practices

NAICSCNM/ Thai Yoga Center provides quality health education services and facilities, to promote wellness, relieve suffering, and restore health swiftly, through our commitment to excellence and service. We participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community & promote Ayurveda as a way of life.

Ayurveda wellness can be seen as one of the most visible faces of alternative medicines practiced throughout the world. In India, it has regained its lost ground in mass appeal along with renewed interest for it in the west.

Ayurveda successfully practiced for centuries is one of the oldest systems of medicine known to a man dealing with both the preventive and curative aspects of health in a comprehensive way.

Our NAIC SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ Ayurveda Center is located on our beautiful five-acre, wooded, sanctuary in Brooksville, FL. promotes evidence-based Integrative Medicine with an emphasis on Indigenous Traditional Healing Systems. Samatvam believes in balance as the way to health. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, backed by scientific evidence aims at achieving the same through an individualized treatment approach. Keeping Health promotion and disease prevention as the major objective, we have designed therapies that rejuvenate and revitalize the body. Disease management is based on traditional Ayurveda principles and practical guidelines. Samatvam offers the most authentic Panchakarma therapies for thorough detoxification and to establish a healthy body and mind. Experience the way to health through the following Ayurveda therapies.


Definition of Core Courses and Concepts

Abhyangam :
Oil application for the body & head. Good for musculoskeletal diseases & rejuvenating health care. Massages help alleviate fatigue, delay aging and improve sensory perception and quality of sleep. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also relaxes the body and calms down the mind.

Agni Vyavahara & Ahara Vijnana: Digestion and Diet

Atur Parikshan/Parichay: Assessment/ Evaluation (Assessment by signs and symptoms)

Dinacharya: Daily Regimen to balance constituents and Dosha

Dravyaguna Vijnana: Herbology (Maharishi Ayurved System)

Elakizhi (Patra Potala Sweda) (Nuad Prakhop Samun Prai) :
Finely chopped herbal leaves & herbal powders are warmed in medicated oil & bundled in a poultice which is used for the fomentation massage. Elakizhi promotes better circulation, relieves stress, and treats aches and pains and sports injuries.

Kaya Chikitsa: Disease Management

Manovijnana & Manasaroga: Ayurvedic Psychology (Management of Psyche, Mental and Emotional Imbalance)

Navarakizhi (Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda) :
Hot medicated cooked special rice boluses bundled in cloth bags (poultices) are applied on the body & massaged to induce sudation. This procedure strengthens muscles & improves nerve conduction. Mukhalepam: Application of an herbal face pack for a specific duration. It enhances the glow, and fairness and is useful in the management of acne.

Netra Tarpanam :
Medicated ghee is retained for a prescribed time over the eyes. Prevents eye diseases & gives a cooling effect to the eye. Very good to relieve eye strain for those who work with computers.

Nidana & Vikriti Vijnana: Determining Pathology

Panchakarma/ Panchakarma Chikitsa :
It is a five-fold process of detoxification or cleansing used to eliminate the inherent cause of a disease. Our program emphasizes both the Classical Indian and Traditional Thai Ayurveda adaptations for both Clinical and Spa type applications in the US.

  • Vamana – Emesis
  • Virechana – Purgation
  • Basti – Rectal route of administering medication. (Colon Hydrotherapy/ Water Cleanse)
  • Nasya – instilling of medicated drops into the nostril.
  • Rakta Mokshana – Bloodletting (Not Practiced US)

Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta: 5 Elements (Akash- Ether, Vayo- Air, Tejas- Fire, Apo- Water, Pathavi-Earth (Thai Ayurveda Thaat Thang Sii: Lom- Air, Fai- Fire, Din- Earth, Nom- Water)

Pichu :
Application of cotton pads dipped in warm medicated oil over body parts. This has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Pizhichil (Dhara)(Abhyanga/ Oliation/ Anointing Massage) :
Pouring medicated oil over affected body parts with gentle massage. This is effective in musculoskeletal disorders, cervical spondylitis, and back pain.

Prana, Tejas & Ojas:

Ritucharya: Seasons and implications for Dosha imbalance, strengths, and weaknesses according to climactic and seasonal changes.

Rogi Roga Pariksha: Diagnostics including Pulse, Tongue, Skin, and Direct Observation.

Samkhya/ Sankhya Darshana: Sankhya Philosophy, Cosmology, and origins of everything there is.

Shadrasa: 6 Tastes

Sharira Rachana & Kriya Sharira: Ayurveda Anatomy & Physiology (Kosha, Dhatu, Dosha, Mala, Chakra, Marma)

Shirodhara :
Gentle streaming of warm medicated oil or infused water over the forehead. It has the best stress-relieving effect. Also used in neurological conditions

Thalam :
Herbal powder mixed with prescribed oil is kept on the crown of the head during a course of an oil application. It is useful for healing sinusitis & also reduces headaches due to stress.

Tridosha Siddhanta: 3 Doshas (Observation, Assessment, and treatment of Vata, Pita, Kapha imbalance and restoration of equilibrium)

Udwartanam :
Application of herbal powder mixed with oil or buttermilk or medicated juice. This powder is rubbed upwards on the body. It is good for weight reduction & skin diseases.

Specialized Clinic :
A women and child care clinic (for treating Infertility, Gynecological disorders, childhood disorders, etc), Once a month under an Ayurveda expert.

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