ONACS Branch Open Path, Austin TX Receives Blessing

Press Release! February 13th, 2016, ONACS Elders Bless New Branch Open Path, Austin, Texas


We are always proud to see SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Graduates who take their healing mission to heart. CTP1 graduate Carrie Szampanski has worked in her Native American religious community to create a dynamic tribal organization which will be integrating SomaVeda® Thai Yoga into the spiritually based holistic services offered in the new ONACS Open Path community. Dr. Anthony B. James and Javier Gonzalez presided over the Blessing Ceremony. Carrie and the indigenous medicine elders in her community such as Javier Gonzalez and Norberto Jurasek in service to Mother Earth will be offering whole life counseling and spiritual healing in the greater Austin area.

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