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SomaVeda® Advanced Ayurveda Yoga Therapist (AYT)

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An Amazing Ayurveda Curriculum to supplement our LIVE SomaVeda® Retreats!

(Video and PDF) Textbook for every lesson. Includes comprehensive Ayurveda textbook.

1. Hypertension Prevention and Management through Ayurveda

2. Ayurvedic Usage of ghee for Health and Disease As Per Ayurveda

3. Mind power, knowledge, and concentration per Ayurveda

4. Amla usage, benefits, side effects

5. Chyawanprash uses side effects

6. Ayurvedic hair oils – how and when to apply

7. Triphala (Three sacred fruit remedies)

8. Kashayam – Ayurveda Herbal teas – how to make, benefits

9. Meditation – How To Do, Step By Step, Demo

10. How to Sleep better? Herbs, lifestyle tips, and home remedies.

11. Guduchi – The most underrated Ayurvedic medicinal herb.

12. Brahmacharya – Celibacy, Benefits, Herbs to help, rules to follow

13. Ashwagandha benefits, usage side effects

14. Abhyanga – benefits, how to do

15. Stress: Causes, symptoms, treatment

16. Make Ayurvedic hair oil by yourself

17. Ginger benefits, usage, side effects

18. Fatigue and tiredness – causes, symptoms, treatment, home remedies

19. Black pepper uses, research, remedies, side effects

20. Vata Dosha qualities, functions, dominant places

21. Turmeric uses, research, remedies, side effects

22. Pitta Dosha qualities, functions, dominant places

23. Tulsi – Holy Basil uses, research, remedies, side effects

24. Kapha Dosha qualities, functions, dominant places

25. Swarasa – herbal juice extracts: how to prepare, benefits, Ayurveda usage

26. Vata Dosha Types, Dominant Places, and times

27. Pippali – fruit and root – Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects

28. Pitta Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind

29. Kapha Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind

30. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features As Per Master Sushruta

Ayurveda #1 Examination

31. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features As Per Master Charaka

32. Prakruti – Dosha bdoy type analysis, interpretation

33. How to make herbal ghee?

34. Ayurvedic herbal paste and herbal powders – how to make them? Utility.

35. Honey – benefits, research, wrong food combinations, remedies

36. Dhatu – Ayurvedic body tissues – introduction, explanation

37. Ojas- Symptoms Of Decrease, How To Increase

38. Ashwagandha remedies for sex

39. Winter Woes Ayurvedic Regimen

40. How To Make Chyawanprash At Home

41. Tastes – Types, Uses, Benefits

42. Water Usage, Quantity As per Ayurveda

43. Vata Imbalance Causes: Increase and decrease

44. Pitta imbalance causes: Increase and decrease

45. Kapha Imbalance causes: Increase – Decrease

46. Vata Imbalance Symptoms: Increase – Decrease

47. Pitta imbalance symptoms: Increase – Decrease

48. Kapha imbalance symptoms: Increase – Decrease

49. How to choose hair oil?

50. Dhatu – Tissues Increase And Decrease Symptoms And Interpretation

51. Herbal Powder Combinations For Your Hair And Face (For Hair wash, Face Pack, Face wash, etc.)

52. Prakruti – Body Type features as per Vagbhata (Ashtanga Hrudaya)

53. Darshana Philosophies – Introduction

54. Sweet and Sour Tastes – Uses, Side Effects

55. Salt and Pungent Tastes – Uses, Side Effects

56. Bitter And Astringent Tastes – Uses, Side Effects

57. Cold Infusions – Preparation, Examples

58. Srotas – Body Channels As Per Ayurveda

59. Hot Infusions: Preparation, Benefits, Examples

60. Fasting: Types, Benefits, Ayurveda Tips For Efficient Fasting

Ayurveda #2 Examination

61. Understanding Agni – Digestion And Metabolism Factor

62. Guggulu Uses, Side Effects, Medicines, Research

63. Dhatu Dushti – Tissue Vitiation: Symptoms

64. Ancient Methods Of Herb Collection And Preservation

65. Trikatu Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects

66. Fasting: Benefits, Water Fasting, Juice Fasting, Warning Signs

67. Upadhatu – Sub Tissues, Introduction, Explanation

68. Ayurvedic Tablets with Polyherbal Guggulu: Manufacturing, Examples

69. Rules for herb substitution -default rules of medicine making

70. Rasa Dhatu – Understanding, Physiology, Pathology, Line Of Treatment

71. Routes of Ayurveda Medicine Administration

72. Herb Classification Based on Dosha, Taste

73. Mala- Waste Products of the body

74. Tablet Dosage Form: Types, Examples

75. Raktu Dhatu: Blood Tissue Description, Vitiation, Treatment Principles

76. Guna- Qualities of Herbs As Per Ayurveda

77. Mana- Measurement, Poly Herbal vs. Single Herbs

78. Dhatu (Tissue) Body Types

79. Vipaka- Taste Transformation After Digestion

80. Mamsa Dhatu- Muscle Tissues As Per Ayurveda

81. Introducing Ayurveda to Beginners

82. Veerya- Potency of Herbs: Ayurveda Pharmacology

83. Herbs for Good Sleep

84. Acute Stroke Management by Dr. Ravishankhar Pervaje + Case Study

85. Karma- Pharmacological Action of Herbs Introduction, Examples

86. Medo Dhatu- Fat Tissue

87. Ayurveda Through the Ages

88. Prabhava -Special Effects of Herbs

89. Shelf Life of Ayurvedic Medicines

90. Meaning of Pharmacological Terms _ Part 1

91. Asthi Dhatu – Bone Tissue As Per Ayurveda

92. Ten Point Patient Examination As Per Charaka

93. How to Introduce Herbs, Herbal Remedies to Beginners

94. The Legacy and Contributions of Sushrita Samhita

95. Improving Memory and Sleep In Elders – Remedies, Medicines

96. Explanation of Terms of Ayurveda Explaining Laxative Action

97. Food, Sleep, and Sex –  Three Pillars of Life

98. Horse Gram Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects

99. Management of Arthritis in Elders

100. Majja Dhatu Importance, Nourishment, Imbalance Symptoms, Management

Ayurveda #3 Examination


Plus Optional Lessons!!

101. Charaka Samhita – Introduction, Divisions, Chapter Details, Major Contributions

102. Ari Shad Varga _ Six Mental Enemies

103. Shamana, Shodhana _ Meaning, Examples

104. Master Sushruta’s Explanation of Herbal Oils

105. Indian Senna and Babool _ Use, Dose, Research, Medicines

106. Shukra Dhatu Channels, Symptoms of Imbalance, Treatment

107. Master Vagbhata – Ashtanga Hrudaya _ Importance, Contributions

108. Rice Water _ Tandulodaka Pomegranate Putapaka, Pramathya

109. Three Basic Desires of Human Life

110. Milk Types, Benefits, Research

#111- #400

More on the way!