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November 30th. 2009, Ajahn, Dr. Anthony James receives LifeTime Membership Recognition with the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (U.T.T.S.). The “Ganesha” award was presented by Mr. Aram Amaradit
Basic Practice Description
Ajahn, Anthony James is Founder of the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and it’s physical school The Thai Yoga Center and the NAIC/ SMOCH/ AAPNA, Accredited school of natural and spiritually based healing arts and sciences. The Thai Yoga Center is a State of Florida DOE compliant degree granting institution. We are also FSBMT/ NCBTMB Category A Approved Providers for Massage Therapy Continuing Education. Ajahn, Dr. James is currently volunteering and offering his instructional time free of charge as a public service. Dr. James has donated over 400 full and or substantially reduced tuition scholarships to deserving students.
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5401 Saving Grace Ln, Brooksville, FL
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Comprehensive Practice Description

NAIC LCHT Holistic provider and Teacher:

Study with Ajahn and Dr. James in Person! http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com Courses developed by Ajahn, Anthony James, are intended to take the principles of Thai Ayurveda (Traditional Thai Medicine and Indigenous Thai Traditional Massage: Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage) to a whole new level and understanding in the context of both traditional and modern medical ideas and techniques. With several advanced degrees in Western Medicine MD(AM), specializing in Native American, Indigenous and Traditional Medicine, Classical Indian Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture), and Alternative Medicine and Naturopath (Traditional N.D.) (ANMA), Ajahn, James is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between Thai Traditional and western health concepts.

Aajahn, Anthony James is also a Fellow of The International Alternative Medicine (FIAMA, 1999). Dr. Anthony B. James James currently holds both domestic and International medical licenses as a Doctor of Pastoral/ Clerical Medicine with the prestigious SMOKH/ SMOCH, NAIC.

Dr. James is a Registered Ayurveda Doctor (AAPNA) and was awarded the Veda Vyasa Award for Best Ayurveda textbook for 2017. As a traditional doctor, Indian Health Care Provider, and healer of conscience, he practices spiritually based natural medicine and Traditional Naturopathy (No Harmful or dangerous drugs and no surgery). He is also available for private consultations in the Natural Wellness Solutions Clinic in The NAIC/ A.C.N.M.: Thai Yoga Center.

NAIC LCHT Licenense-licentiate Holistic Services Provider

  • SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®
  • NAIC Legal Shield License Holistic Services Ministry

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