SomaVeda Federal Trademark Notice


Federal Trademark Notice:

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®, SomaVeda®, Somaveda® Thai Yoga are registered and exclusive trademarks of Anthony B. James. The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga system, contents, flows, vinyasa, Therapeutic Day Protocol etc. are intellectual property developed over time and at great expense of the Trademark owner. Student/ members completing training (s) may use the trademarks in a limited fashion, with permission for the purpose of private practice and consultation, however, in every case are strictly forbidden from teaching, instructing or giving certification or using derivative’s of SomaVeda® proprietary therapeutic techniques, course materials, flows, forms, vinyaysa and or any methodologies provided in our classes without permission. Especially this includes changing the name or “personalizing” in an effort to avoid Trademark recognition and violation. Additional copyright protections extend to all class materials both public and privately published. I agree to not teach or give certifications of any kind based on SomaVeda® System until and unless licensed to do so. This includes teaching for hire for third party organizations and or unauthorized schools or programs. If found in violation, I agree in advance to pay a minimum $10,000 fine per individual violation plus attorneys fees within 10 days of notice of such violation.

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