SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate Program CTP Description

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SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner

Certificate Program (CTP1)

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Start Dates:  2021

Now ACCEPTING ENROLLMENT FOR: May, July, September & November 2021 as well as January & March of 2022

Want to Keep active, mobile, free from pain killers and stay out of the doctor’s office!

Concerned with Covid-19? We teach many effective adjunct modalities in the this course that require NO TOUCHING! Traditional Medicine emphasizes treatment and therapeutic protocols appropriate for the illnesses being presented! Traditional Thai and Indigenous Medicine includes Ayurveda, Nutrition, Herbology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Psychological therapies for mental health as well as targeted remedies for building immune system, while reducing inflammation and increasing resistance to ALL infectious diseases.

Do you want to get back to the happy life you used to have? Want to look better or feel better all the time?

Want to help others to do this and make a good living? We can help get you there! (No Massage License Required!)

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Attention!! Less Than Two Weeks and your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner! (Thirteen day: 129hrs. in class residential, 35 hours on-line before attending physical or live class)

SCNM: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Indigenous Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga Massage), also known as Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy, Nuad Thai or Nuad Boran, is an ancient sacred, religious/ spiritually based, vitalistic and holistic healing art that can be learned and practiced by anyone with an open mind, compassionate heart and a desire to help others. Our SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner Certificate Program (CTP1) includes emphasis on indigenous, traditional, natural and/or Native American Medicine, Religious Therapeutics and healing ceremony. Additional emphasis is on the integration of Mind/ Body approach of using Energy Psychology/ EFT and our proprietary SomaVeda® BET- Marma/ Accupoint “Tapping” systematic approach. This course includes a full two levels of professional Energy Psychology/ EFT and One level of BET tapping integration for professional clinicians.All courses are hosted on our beautiful 5 acre NAIC Sanctuary in Brooksville, Florida.  SCNM: Thai Yoga Center offers four different professionally recognized Certificate Programs and Five College Degrees!

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate

Practice legally and safely with our program! Religious Therapeutics are not Massage. No Massage or Massage Therapy License Required under NAIC! We teach Legal Guidelines and Legal Marketing Practices in every class!

Novel Virus and Infection Protocols, Science and Strategies! Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James and TYC Staff will be updating and instructing students in the latest information and health strategies as well as functional wellness protocols for professionals. We will cover the basic medical science, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Herbal, Supplemental protocols for both common pre and or co-morbidities as well as questions and answers, pro and con’s regarding proposed vaccination routines that Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy practitioners and clients will be dealing with for the forseeable future. We are medical and health experts and can assist you in becoming an expert in this important area.


This is the original Thai Yoga and Indigenous Medicine certification first brought to the US in 1983 offered as an NAIC Seminary. Designed and supervised by Dr. Anthony James, an Ajahn, Master Teacher of Thai Yoga, Doctor of Ayurveda, Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine, Doctor of Pastoral Medicine  and Naturopathy, Native American Indigenous Church Medicine Person. Anthony B. James authored the very first English book published in the United States on Traditional Thai Massage/ Thai Yoga in 1983! (See our Award winning Textbook “Ayurveda of Thailand, Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga Therapy“. Meta Journal Press)

Who is eligible to apply for the CTP and are there prerequisites?

Advanced Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Program:CTP (164 hour residential intensive). This Thirteen day: 129hrs. in class residential, 35 hours on-line, will cover all four levels of the Basic Professional Thai Yoga Certification Program plus 27 additional breakout and/or supplemental courses described below.

164 Contact Hour Requirements –

Course Work Included:

Level I: Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga – 18 hours  (A complete basic healing vinyasa incorporating all five body attitudes)
Level 2:Ayurvedic, Southern Style SomaVeda® Thai Yoga  – 48 hours (The SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Protocol: Seven unique daily sessions including all five body attitudes: Supine, Side, Prone, Abdomen and Seated applications)

SomaVeda® Bio-Tap®/ EFT Professional Skills 1 & 2

Level 3: Currently not included: Soon to be available as part of our On-Line course offerings. Sign up for newsletter for updates:  Nuad Boran: Northern Style SomaVeda® Thai Yoga – 56 hours (The Complete Northern Style Catalog of over 300 positions)
Level 4: Advanced Training: Ayurveda of Thailand: SomaVeda® Ayurveda Theory (Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine, Ayurveda Theory, Cosmology, Sen Lines, Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory and Korosot Astrology: (Distance Learning- Home Study Pre-requisite: 35 hours on-line)
Level 5:Clinical Applications and Development: Specific programs for Clients based on Ayurvedic Assessments and Guidelines. – 32 hours = 160 Core Contact Hours. SCNM: SomaVeda® Level Five also includes the SomaVeda® Legal Guidelines and Practices for ministers and Healing Professionals Course work.
Intro to Native American Indigenous Church Traditions and Ceremony

Level Six: Secondary Course work: included runs concurrent to Levels #1 through #5 and required for graduation: Special!!  in addition to the amazing core curriculum Twenty Seven (27) additional protocols will be included in this awesome training at no extra fee! These courses alone could easily cost another $2,500.00 if taken separately. Why pay extra or separately for these valuable courses somewhere else? We will include them at no additional charge! CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the 27 additional adjunct courses included in the CTP1

How Much does it cost?

Make an Inquiry Today: Lets discuss in person your needs as a prospective student. Click here.

The full NAIC Seminary tuition donation for the Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program (CTP1) including all core course work and required adjuncts is $5,195.00. (Not including housing and book fees.) Church/Seminary donations to NAIC are Tax deductible!

However, with an NAIC Grant/ Tuition Scholarship you could save up to 82% of the actual tuition!

PLEASE NOTE! If finances are an issue in attending we recommend that you apply for one of our generous NAIC Tuition Donation Scholarship Programs. No One Turned Away for Finances!

Special!!  in addition to the amazing core curriculum Twenty Seven (27) additional protocols will be included in this awesome training at no extra fee! These courses alone could easily cost another $2,500.00 if taken separately. Why pay extra or separately for these valuable courses somewhere else? We will include them at no additional charge!

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the 27 additional adjunct courses included in the CTP1

Please note: All 27 Breakout courses are only and exclusively available at The Thai Yoga Center. Independent SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Teachers and satellite programs may or may not offer these separate bonus courses. Check with the sponsor or Certified Teacher leading your program for specifics.

(Optional: BP/ Endocrine, PH, Trace Mineral Deficiency Test, Ayurvedic Vital Health and Wellness Assessment (Rapid Checkup! & or AO Scan Digital Frequency Body Analysis). Additional Test and Examinations/ Assessments available at additional cost)

Why are we offering so much for so little?

Get your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Basic Practitioner Certificate in the SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program 164 Hour Practitioner Training with Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James and SCNM: Thai Yoga Center Teachers Today!

164 Hour Program Completion Benefits Include:

The SomaVeda® CTP program is a required part of our SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certification Program (TCP), 535 Hr.  Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant(ALC-AAPNA), 650hr. Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC-AAPNA) and our 1008 Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists Certificate(AYT-AAPNA) Programs. Additionally, the CTP1 course series credits hours towards the SCNM College Degree and Diploma Programs: 2,595hr  Practitioner of Natural Medicine Ayurveda,  Associate of Sacred Arts in Traditional Natural Medicine (ASA), Bachelor of Sacred Science (BSSc.) in Natural Medicine Bachelor of Applied Sacred Science in Yoga Therapy, Bachelor of Applied Sacred Science in Massage Therapy as well as our comprehensive /Traditional Naturopath/ Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine Degree (DSNM/ ND(T)) Program and Ph.D. Ayurveda Medicine Doctoral Degree. BAREBONE’S Doctorate! Doctor of Sacred Arts in Traditional and Indigenous Medicine (DSTIM).

Not Included: CTP1 Materials fee is $289.00 for all workbooks, text, posters and On-line required. Food and Meals not included.  Electrical for Camping and or Kitchen use fee. Personal medical consultations and or treatments of any kind with Dr. James or other TYC staff. Personal medical or therapeutic treatments/ consultations are available by appointment at additional expense. See NWS Clinic Menu for details.

Make an Inquiry Today: Lets discuss in person your needs as a prospective student. Click here.

(Current scholarship and or reduced tuition offers)


STUDY AT HOME! Can’t make it to our LIVE certification programs? You can still learn Thai Yoga!

LearnThaiYoga Professional at Home!



The State of Florida Department of Education

Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities

Native American Indigenous Church College of Natural Medicine (NAIC) operates in compliance, as a degree granting institution through exemption, by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes (Click Here for Current Authorization). The state, like other states, does not require accreditation or theological accreditation for our religious education based programs. NAIC is an Integrated Auxiliary of the Priory of Saving Grace. NAIC is an IRS 508(c)(1)(a) compliant FBO (Faith Based Org) Tribal Organization.


Important: Please Note!NAIC Inc./ SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ Thai Yoga Center Cancellation and Refund Policies apply to all registrations and or reservations for courses and programs. NAIC/ Thai Yoga Center Programs are not public and are offered exclusively under an expressed ecclesiastical (Church)/ private association and acceptance of these Posted Refund and Cancellation Policies and RPG’s are a precondition towards acceptance and participation in any program or course of study. Click Here for Refund and Cancellation Policy

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®, SomaVeda®  are a Federally Registered Trademark/ Servicemark and proprietary Intellectual Property, All World Rights Reserved.

Native American Indigenous ChurchPriory of Saving Grace

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  2. I look forward of taking of taking thai yoga 200hr correspondence course, I would like
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    • Hello again Justine. All information currently available is on the website at ThaiYogaCenter.Com. Simply send us an email and we can answer any questions you may have. Additionally our 2016 Tuition Grants and Scholarship program is being applied to all 2017 enrollments! We look forward to speaking with you further.

  3. I am a Massage Therapist and I need to take classes for my CEU’s. Do you offer it at your school? I am also highly interested in Thai massage but I can not become certified yet.please inform me inregards to CEU’s to renew my Massage license. Thank you.

  4. Hi so greatful to have come found you , I have a small studio in Portugal and always need to learn more , I would hope to save enough to do the course with you in November 2018 , this year I have made plans to travel around South America , Peru , Nicaragua , would you have anywhere you recommend I should visit why I’m traveling as would love to gain as much knowledge whilst traveling
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