Thai Traditional Medical Theory: Level Four

Thai Traditional Medicine Theory: SomaVeda® Level Four

SomaVeda® Thai Traditional Medical Theory: Level Four: Ayurveda and Thai Yoga: Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy

Please Note! This course is only available as part of the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certification Program.

A survey and introduction of Thai Traditional Medicine theory and SomaVeda® Energetic Anatomy and Physiology treatment theory and Basic assessments (30 CE hrs.). The specific focus is on the Thai Traditional Medical Theory & Thai Vajrayanna/ Vipassana Bhavana Yogic theories of Cosmology, Elemental Theory (Lom, Fai, Din, Naam), Constitutional types, bodytypes, Tri-Doshas, Discerning Dosha Types, Humors and Lom (Winds)(Marma), Understanding and locating Sip Sen ( prana nadis), Seven Primary Chakras, Important or key treatment points, Windgates. The student is also introduced to the practical aspects of  SomaVeda® Thai Ayurvedic theory and practice through traditional Assessments. We demonstrate, learn and practice the first seven traditional assessments including Elemental, Dosha, Pulse, Tongue, Skin, Sen and Basic Thai Korosot Medical & Chakra Astrology.

25 On-Line Video Lectures: The student learns how to design specifically appropriate sessions for every client. Concepts and practice of re-assessment to track or chart client progress over time are covered. This course makes complex SomaVeda® and Traditional Thai Medicine/ Thai Yoga Therapy theory plain and simple. All Thai Yoga Classes begin with daily SomaVeda® Hatha Yoga and or SomaVeda® Reishi Yoga (Reusi Dottan). (SomaVeda® Level Four, 30 CEU’s available.) NAIC: SCNM, SMOKH, NCBTMB approved CE Hours..

Ayurveda and Thai Yoga: Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice: Level Four follows Level One, Level Two and Level Three courses.

Required Textbooks: Lines, Wheels, Points and Remedies & Korosot Chakra Astrology

Important Note! We consider this class to be a Sophisticated Beginner Class. Graduates at this level should under no circumstances consider themselves to be professionals or present their practice to the public as professionals. These classes are meant for educational purposes only and do not purport to make any medical recommendations. Medical recommendations and diagnosis for any disease condition is regulated by both Federal and State law and may only be practiced by a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider. However, this class when practiced in conjunction with all of the SomaVeda® provides a very firm and substantial foundation from which to become a professional! Level Five A & B is currently available as a module for our intermediate and Advanced Certified Thai Practitioner Programs (CTP 2 and CTP 3), Certified Thai Practitioner (CTP), Certified Thai Teacher (TCP), Doctor of Natural Medicine/ Traditional Naturopath Diploma Program (DSNM/ ND(T))

For information on the full SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certification Program Click Here!

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