SomaVeda® Nuad Boran-Level Three June Brooksville Florida

SomaVeda® Nuad Boran-Level Three June Brooksville Florida

SomaVeda® Nuad Boran Northern Style Thai Yoga Therapy: Level Three:  Approved CEU NAIC, AAPNA, NCBTMB, FSBMT, SMOKH

NAIC Sanctuary: Thai Yoga Center: Brooksville, Florida: Level Three:

June 11th to June 17th 2019 (9am -6pm each day)(64 CE Hours over Saturday and Sunday) SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Nuad Boran: Level Three (Basic)

Continuing the work begun in SomaVeda® Level One and Two. There is no- prerequisite for attendance and certification in this class, however, Level Two “SomaVeda® Ayurvedic Thai Massage” is highly recommended.

Explore in detail the Lanna or Northern Style Chinese and Hill tribe influence on hands on healing, by learning the eight basic flows of the SomaVeda® Northern method. These flow (Traditional Vinyasa) although similar to those of of the ITM and Old medicine Hospital Traditions are taught in a manner and context with supplemental information unique to the SomaVeda® program. Normally taught in Thailand in ten days we have cultivated the “Express” version for western students and present the same and more information in only seven days! This course is an Indigenous Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training and certification program. It is required for Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Thai Yoga Therapy Teacher certification.

Understanding of the Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, Ten principle Sen or Nadis and Chakras is deepened. Basic western anatomy and physiology as it applies to the SomaVeda® Nuad Boran (Chiang Mai style) is introduced at this time. The role of the breath in partnership within the therapeutic encounter is discussed and practiced more intently. The course is predominately hands on, with a thorough introduction to the underlying philosophy and theory of energy. This course focuses of the use of Puja or intentional affirmations and Mantra in the healing process. This course originates from the Shivago lineage and we will learn and practice the Om Namo Mantra every day. This class is “hands on” and quite intensive. It is designed to take your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapy experience to a higher level.

·      During this course the student establishes contact with a genuine lineage and learns how to facilitate the healing energy of the ancient masters through the practice of Puja, Wai Khruu and healing affirmations.

·      After completing this course, students will: the student can perform the Nuad Boran beginner Vinyasa or Catalog flow with a partner. The student will be able to incorporate the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Nuad Boran catalog into their existing SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practice.

·      Understand the basic elements and theory of Classical Thai & Classical Indian Ayurveda anatomy and physiology.

For detailed information and description of course content for this Level Three SomaVeda® Thai Yoga certificate course click here! SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Nuad Boran: Level Three

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is based on Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurveda. It is an indigenous traditional healing style of Yoga Therapy bringing health and wellness to Spirit, Mind and Body. All Certified Teachers are Authorized NAIC Tribal Organization, Indian Health Care Ministers and Providers.

Certified Teacher: Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James and Staff Khruu Rob Mcaulay


Thai Yoga Center, Brooksville, FL

Cost? No cost if enrolled in CTP2 or above!Simply pay for housing and kitchen fee + $25.00 book fee.

Non-CTP2 participants $Tuition $800.00 A la Carte. + $25.00 Book fee.

Book Ahead to Secure: Call Admin Office at (706) 358-9705


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