October NAIC Sacred Sweat Ceremony at Thai Yoga Center

October: Lodge ceremony: If you don’t know what that means then come with a good and humble attitude and we will show you! Family oriented NAIC Church function. You must be pre-approved to attend. No Walk-ins. No charge ever for ceremony! Call ahead or email for interview with Dr. J/ medicine Man. Requires an APM Membership active with NAIC. (http://SomaVeda.Com)

Over the years our family lodge has evolved into a well rounded healing ceremony. It does not favor any particular or specific tribe and is in that way eclectic. Our personal family is Crow and Sac and Fox. NAIC has more than 20 nations currently represented.

Contact: Brooksville Native American Spirituality MeetUp for Info and RSVP

Over the years we have facilitated many lodges both for and witin our Native family and for grand ceremonies, Sun Dance, Tee Pee, Vision Quest, Adoptions, Weddings, Funerals etc. If you have much experience then we welcome your energy to the work. If your new to Native Ceremony or are seeking healing we are experts and can guide you in a good way.

The lodge is safe!

Lodge is Co-ed.

Come prepared:
• Water Bottle: Please note we have amazing water from our deep well. It’s been tested and found some of the best and purest around. Take some home with you!
• Towel
• Lightweight clothing (natural, cotton, etc.)

If you are claustrophobic or are on blood pressure medications, please let the facilitator know. It is traditional to reciprocate to the elders leading the lodge. Energy may be exchanged in multiple ways, whether it’s money, river rocks, wood, or sacred herbs. Ultimately you choose what you’d like to contribute.

Please RSVP to attend, due to the limited spaces. Water and fruit will be provided. (Sometimes Vegetarian Chili as well!)

No last minute registrations as we will be on the land. Lodge is on NAIC Private Sanctuary and consecrated ground. Proper and respectful behavior at all times. Zero tolerance for any bad behavior! This is a safe space… No Alcohol , No Drugs, No exception.

It’s not required that you enter the lodge. However, everyone must follow NAIC RPG’s and be member of NAIC including guest. If unclear about this ask ahead as no unregistered persons will be allowed on property during ceremony.

I look forward to meeting you!

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