June 23-25, 2023 Level One Thai Yoga, Grand Rapids MI

Kru Kaylee Koslowski teaching SomaVeda® Thai Yoga

Level One: Fundamentals of  SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Grand Rapids, MI: June 23-25, 2023 (16 CE Hours over Saturday and Sunday) SomaVeda® Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Level One, Grand Rapids, MI USA: Weather Permitting Outdoors!, NE Grand Rapids, MI.

Class schedule:

Friday  & Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (1-hour lunch break)

Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


This class is open to all persons and students from any background or level of training.

No massage license or bodywork experience is required!

*PLEASE NOTE* This is an intensive, hands-on training class. Students will be expected to stand, sit, kneel, squat, and support their body weight for up to two hours. Regular participation in a movement activity (i.e., yoga, fitness, martial arts, dance, sport) before registering is recommended.

The course covers the basic concepts of hands-on healing in a balanced session using SomaVeda® Thai Yoga. This traditional, indigenous medicine-derived system gives the practitioner a three-dimensional perspective on facilitating and participating in another person’s healing process.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

– perform a complete 19 Asana beginner Vinyasa or flow with a partner and a one-hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy session (Thai Yoga Massage)

– understand the essential elements and theory of Classical Thai & Classical Indian Ayurveda Energy anatomy and physiology as it applies to the body.

– understand Basic Theory: Seven Chakras, Ten Sen or Prana Nadis, Wind Gates, Asana or therapeutic postures, Meridians and Acupoints

– understand the concept of bodywork as a meditation

– understand the Five Traditional Treatment Attitudes of the body

– understand benefits and contraindications for specific postures and applications for use in the clinical or professional treatment environment

– understand and be able to perform the basic protocol and principles of SomaVeda® BET/ Bio-tapping technique (EFT) for balancing and clearing negative emotions

This is an introductory course to the SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner program (CTP). Graduates of SomaVeda® Fundamentals of Thai Yoga Level 1 are not professionals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga. Students who complete this Level 1 course will receive a certification of completion and be able to practice learned techniques legally. Students must complete an entire CTP course (164 hours) to become certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioners authorized to practice with the NAIC.

What is SomaVeda®?

SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center was founded under the Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC Inc.) by Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James, who incorporated the traditional teachings of various schools in Thailand with other conventional and eclectic modalities to create an effective healing protocol used by practitioners throughout the United States and world. More information about training programs can be found at www.thaiyogacenter.com

Who is the teacher?

Kaylee Koslowske is a SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner (2018), Certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher (2019), and Certified Ayurveda Life Style Consultant and Ayurveda Health Counselor (2018). She is pursuing a Doctorate of Sacred Natural Medicine degree with the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine.

A native of West Michigan, Ms. Koslowske holds a BA in Chinese Studies from DePaul University, Chicago. She is pursuing a Doctorate of Sacred Natural Medicine degree with the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine.

In addition, she is a published writer, a prolific songwriter, and a musician, as well as a semi-professional dancer with Laura Armenta Dance Company and an active Yogini.
Ms. Koslowske has been the Associate Director of the Armentality Movement Arts Center since 2020, where she also teaches workshops.

Included with the course:

– NAIC Authorized Participant Membership (NAIC APM)

SomaVeda® Fundamentals of Thai Yoga Training Manual

 NCBTMB CE for Licensed Massage Therapist: 18 Credit/ CE hours NCBTMB (Native American Indigenous Church: NAIC)

Price: $550.00


Description: For detailed information and a description of course content for this Level One Thai Yoga certificate course, click here! Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Level One

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is based on Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurveda. It is an indigenous traditional healing style of Yoga Therapy, bringing health and wellness to the Spirit, Mind, and Body. All Certified Teachers have Authorized NAIC Tribal Organizations, Indian Health Care Ministers, and Providers.

Certified Teacher: Khruu Kaylee Koslowske

Where? NE Grand Rapids, MI.


Register at https://armentality.com/certification-programs/

No previous experience is necessary!

For questions about the course, please get in touch with Kaylee Koslowske by phone (616-293-1049) or email (kaylee.unity@gmail.com).

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