Fundamentals of Thai Yoga, Brooksville, FL July 2020

Fundamentals of Thai Yoga, Brooksville, FL

Fundamentals of Thai Yoga, Brooksville, FL

Fundamentals of Thai Yoga, Brooksville, FL

SCNM: The Thai Yoga Center

Fundamentals of Thai Yoga, Brooksville, FL July 2020: SomaVeda® Level One CE Course

June 10, 11 and 12th.. 2020: (Friday eve. 5pm to 9:00pm), (8:30 am to 10:00pm, All Day Saturday and Sunday… There will be breaks including lunch and dinner)

Time to get Out! Time to get Hands-On!

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is based on Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurveda. It is an indigenous traditional healing style of Yoga Therapy bringing health and wellness to Spirit, Mind and Body. All Certified Teachers are Authorized NAIC Tribal Organization, Indian Health Care Ministers and Providers.

For detailed information and description of course content for this Level One Thai Yoga certificate course click here! Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Level One

Certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher’s: Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James, Khruu Dr. Julie James, Assistant Khruu Rob McAulay with Senior Practitioners in our SomaVeda® Teacher Certification Program also assisting!

This is the first introductory course in our 164 Hr. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate program held five times a year at the SCNM: Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, FL.

The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Level One class introduces the concepts and practices of Traditional Thai Massage theory and practice as used in the SomaVeda® system. This level is perfect to get a taste if you have no previous experience and No previous experience necessary!

There’s More! Once you complete the Level One you can continue on towards becoming a Certified SomaVeda® Practitioner! To assist in this we will credit 100% of all tuition paid towards any further or more advanced SomaVeda® certification and or training! (Grace period is 30 days post Level One class completion.)

When: July 10th.-12th., 2020 (Friday eve., All day Saturday and Sunday.)

Where: Thai Yoga Center

Cost: Advance registration received at least 30 days before start date: $325.00 ($350.00 there after. Include Official Workbook, NAIC APM Membership and Offical Certificate on completion)

Included: 18 Continuation Education Hrs./ in class instruction, Official SomaVeda® Fundamentals of Thai Yoga Text Book, SomaVeda® Fundamentals of Thai Yoga: Level One Certificate of Completion, NAIC APM Membership.

Student Testimonials!

Registration Contact: Aachan James (706) 358-8646

For more information on SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy and our various Traditional Thai Massage, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Certification Programs, see our home website at ThaiYogaCenter.Com

No experience necessary!

Can’t make it to a LIVE In-Person Professional Training and Certification? We have you covered! Ask about our LearnThaiYoga On-Line Certification Programs!

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Our NCBTMB & Florida CE Broker CE Provider is under the Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC)

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