5th Annual 2020 Advanced SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teachers Intensive

Thai Yoga Center


5th. Annual, Advanced SomaVeda® Teachers Intensive and Gathering

Attend the SomaVeda® Advanced Thai Yoga Teachers Seminary Program scheduled for August 13th – 16th. 2019 here at the Thai Yoga Center.

This will be four days of advanced, intensive training and community sharing in a variety of advanced topics.

Please Note! This is a closed class. Restricted Access Rules Apply: Only SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine enrolled NAIC Ministerial students, TCP enrolled (CTP2/ 3) and or Graduate SomaVeda® Certified Teachers will be eligible to attend. No exceptions.

The partial list of emphasis will include:

Important: New! Novel Virus & Infection Strategies, Protocols and Legal for the Ministerial Provider and Counselor. Emphasis will be on counseling for Pre and Co-morbidities for treatment and prevention.

1) Advanced variations and applications for all basic levels including for Mat, Table, Chair, and Walker
2) Reishi Yoga, “SomaVeda® Thai Reishi Hand Yoga”
3) SomaVeda® TAELR:  (Tok Sen, Manaka, Hammer & Probe, Gua Sha, Dewy Mai, Bamboo Magic®, Original Thai Style IAMFR) Therapies and protocols for pain, myalgia, myalitus, fascitus, Trigger Point syndromes etc. Proven clinical protocols to build your practice!
4) Adjunct Therapies:
– Photo-bio-modulation (Far Infra-red), Vibration, Magnets and Crystals in SomaVeda® Protocols,
– SomaVeda® OPT™/ CDT- Complex Decongestive Therapy (including Women’s Breast Care, Lactation Assistance and Breast/ Chest Therapy Protocols for women and men.),
– SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Facials (Also incorporating OPT™, TAELR™)
SomaVeda® Bolster Magic®,
– SomaVeda® Restorative Yoga
– SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Reflexology (Also incorporating OPT™, TAELR™ for successful treatment Fascitis, Neuropathies, Ankle, SHoulder and Knee issues)
5) SomaVeda® Guest Teacher Presentations
6) Teacher exchange sessions,
7) SomaVeda® Multiple Therapist Techniques
8) SomaVeda® Walking Massage (Erewon Method and TAELR™- Walker, Bamboo Pole)
9) Advanced SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Ayurveda Theory: Sen Lines Location and Theory (Using new Life Size 3D Sen Line and Marma/ Lom class room model!) Thai Acupressure Points (Learn 20 top Points)
10) SomaVeda® Homeopressure (Using Homeopathics to enhance release of Thai Acupoints)
11) SomaVeda® Electro-HomeoTherapeutic Generator ( How to make your own Homeopathic/ Herbal/ Energetic remedies for your clients safely, reliably and cheaply. Add a new modality complimentary to your existing SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day practice to bring greater benefits to your clients, make remedies for them to take home which are more powerful and personalized vs. store bought remedies, develop your own personal repertoire of traditional, homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Native American remedies specific to you and your clients needs. You will be actually practicing assessing and making remedies to take home with you!  We are working on a special guest teacher for the Homeopathic portion!
12) Ayurveda Concepts & Pancha Karma for those Graduate Teachers qualifying for the Ayurveda Health Counselor and or Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Certificate who have not received them yet!
13) Marketing strategies and lesson plans for all classes and more. We will be hosting a round table discussion among all teachers present on success strategies.

14) Introduction: Intro to our Foundational Martial Arts of Progressive American Karate (P.A.K.), Buddhai Sawan Krabi Krabong, Mahpalindo Kali, Pekiti Tersia Kali, Muay Boran and Arnis de Mano! We will explore the traditional roots of the SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® roots and origins in the traditional Martial Arts. We will practice the Wai Khruu, Reussi Dottan, Clock system and basic self defense concepts using stick and empty hand.

A 40 hour Advanced Continuing Education hr.Certificate will be issued to all attendees. This course meets the annual CE requirements for all SomaVeda® Certified Teachers.

Between now and then I will be taking your suggestions as to any other advanced topics you would like to see in putting the program together. I and senior staff will be hosting and teaching. Advanced SomaVeda® Certified Teacher’s Khruu Dr. Julie James and special guest teachers (TBA) will be assisting.

We are accepting submissions for presentations by and from SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Teachers and or Graduates from SCNM. If interested in making a presentation to fellow teachers and advanced students contact Dr. J with your proposal include topic and length of time needed.

Additional activities will include a Sweat Lodge ceremony.  Before or after your training you can visit local beaches and or State Parks convenient to the school. This will be your opportunity to practice and network with SomaVeda® teachers from around the country!

We will be offering special tuition and housing included rate of only $270.00 per person in advance (Early registration ends April 1st.) and $320.00 (April 2 – July 1st. 2020) for TCP Grads.

$350.00 for CTP 2/ 3’s who want to attend as well. Reserve with $100.00 deposit balance by April 1st. 2020. $400.00 (late registration after July 8th. 2020) If planning on attending, please contact Dr. Julie directly. Food is not included, however, we may have a meal plan option available as well.

Registration: To register send a written request to Dr. Julie James email to verify eligibility and invoice for NAIC Donation.

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