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Associates of Sacred Arts Degree- Major: Traditional Natural Health

Our Associate’s of Sacred Arts degree (ASA) can build a strong foundation to practice Natural Medicine, Traditional Indigenous Natural Health, Wellness and Counseling studies or to deepen your understanding of Spiritually based Medicine and Healing, the Associate of Arts Degree- Major: Traditional Natural Health program will introduce you to the key concepts, practices, wellness strategies, counseling, assessments, rituals and ceremonial themes of the practices of Ayurveda, Thai Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Native American, Indigenous Traditional and Nature Cure and or Traditional Naturopathy. Our Associates degree can enable you to explore the exciting field of complimentary and alternative medicine and to gain the knowledge to work in the alternative and natural medicine environment.

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The SCNM Associate of Sacred Arts Degree- Major: Traditional Natural Health is great for practicing healthcare professionals, such as nurses, massage therapists, spa directors and medical assistants, who are looking to incorporate natural healing methods into their careers. Students learn about the different modalities associated with alternative medicine with courses such as Yoga Sciences and Therapy, Ayurveda and Pancha Karma, Oriental Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Anti- Aging, Herbology, Environmental Medicine, Energy work, Mind-body medicine, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical and Healing terminology, Homeopathy, Radionics, Naturopathic Arts and Sciences, Clinical and Medical assessments, Legal Guidelines, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and much, much more.

Our Associates of Sacred Arts degree in Alternative and Complimentary Medicine studies can provide students with holistic and spiritually based approaches to health and to prepare students for entry-level careers in the alternative medicine fields of medical ministry and counseling.

A.S.A. in Natural Health Combines In Class Course and Clinic and Distance Learning

Our program is a combination of intensive world class hands on, in class training’s and practice combined with self paced distance learning/ home study. This allows the greatest flexibility and personal programming for the unique and individual needs of students.

We also Value Science! The Foundations of Medicine curriculum is designed to:

  • Offer an in-depth, comprehensive program of basic medical sciences that has traditionally been deemed appropriate for future naturopthic and natural medical practitioners.
  • Provide clinical correlations and examples of clinical relevance throughout the instructional program in sciences
  • Present a physical assessment and diagnosis course that provides the practical experience needed by students to prepare adequately for their clinical practice.

We draw on the extensive history, traditions, science and research of Natural Medicine to provide and evidence based perspective on the practice of natural health and medicine. Our basic sciences curriculum is considered one of the finest of it’s kind.

The curriculum is designed so that the classes and examinations are based upon the programmatic and module learning objectives designed to meet the core competencies established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). ACGME competencies are: System-based practice, Professionalism, Improvement of practice, Relationship-centered care, Interpersonal communication and Tenets of medicine (SPIRIT).

Just because we have a spiritual,, ethical and natural basis for why we practice traditional natural medicine and healing does not mean that we do not value science! Our program emphasizes required training in Medical Clinical and Biological Testing such as BIA, Phase Angle, BP, ECG/EKG, Blood, Urine, PH, Nail, Hair, EDS screening for catastrophic disease and conditions. Additional assessments for Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual issues. We cover Nutrition and Orthomolecular methods of Allergy Assessment.

  • Gain a greater appreciation of Indigenous Traditional and Natural, Spiritually based health and healing and its impact on the world around you.
  • Includes Ayurveda and Classical Indian course work and certification in the SCNM SomaVeda® Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Certificate program. A separate $6,000.00+ value Professional Certification included at NO additional tuition! Click Here for AYT Details!
  • Includes the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certification Program- TCP, a $9,000.00 value program at NO Additional Cost! Click here for SOMAVEDA® Teacher Certification Program Details!
  • Study history, theory, philosophy, pastoral and clerical health missions, world religions and counseling ministry as a foundation for the pursuit of a higher degree with SCNM .
  • Prepare for roles in health and counseling ministry, service organizations and other environments that benefit from solid leadership.
  • Clerical/ Pastoral, Ministerial Management
  • Ministerial responsibilities in providing Healing Ministry and services
  • Social Services
  • Clinical Practice of Traditional Natural Health
  • Business and Legal Considerations of Practice
  • Mind, Body, Spirit and Holistic Focus for all classes


Key Points

  • Comprehensive religion program and faculty offering a sound moral and spiritual perspective
  • Cost-effective, accredited College Level Pre-Med and Science online program offered by a international educational institution
  • Effectively helps prepare students for Natural Medicine and Wellbeing ministry in a variety of careers
  • Experienced faculty teaching online classes
  • Graduates are provided a path to legal practice valid in all 50 states! (NAIC Legal)


For ASA course, curriculum, graduation requirements Click here!

*Requires 1,943 class/ course contact hours/ 54 Semester Credit Hours Minimum to graduate.


How much does the ASA cost?

Important! Reduced Tuition Scholarships are available! We also have liberal payment plans to work with your life and finances. (Current scholarship and or reduced tuition offers expires June 30th. 2020.)

(Payment plans available!)

Not Included: Required housing for residential modules (Ctp1, 2, 3, 4 & one optional week long Clinic/ Board at our sister school/ clinic in Nevis, West Indies)  There is a separate meal plan available listed with housing.  Electrical for Camping and or Kitchen use fee. Personal medical consultations and or treatments of any kind with Dr. Anthony James or other SCNM/ TYC staff. Personal medical or therapeutic treatments/ consultations are available by appointment at additional expense. See NWS Clinic Menu for details.

Special Tuition for currently enrolled TYC Students and or past graduates!

Can I add this Associate of Arts (A.S.A.) Degree program to an existing SomaVeda® program I am already enrolled in such as CTP2, TCP, BSSc. and or DSNM? Yes! We can combine the A.S.A. Degree for a very low fee. If your currently enrolled or a past graduate of the Thai Yoga Center Certification programs give us a call for some very good news! Call TYC Today!


Please Note: On-Site Housing is NOT required to attend SCNM/ TYC programs. Non residential students are considered Student at Large Registrations and may still qualify for special pricing based on date of registration and number of remaining available seats in any given class.


The State of Florida Department of Education

Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities

Native American Indigenous Church: SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (NAIC) operates under authorization, as a degree granting institution through exemption, by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes. The state, like other states, does not require accreditation or theological accreditation for our religious education based programs.

Important: Please Note! NAIC Inc./ SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ Thai Yoga Center Cancellation and Refund Policies apply to all registrations and or reservations for courses and programs. NAIC/ Thai Yoga Center Programs are not public and are offered exclusively under expressed ecclesiastical/ private association and acceptance of these Posted Refund and Cancellation Policies and RPG’s are a precondition towards acceptance and participation in any program or course of study. Click Here for Refund and Cancellation Policy

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