SomaVeda™ Vibrational and Bio-Resonance Technologies Healing Practitioner Program:

Level One, Two and Three: Covers many aspects of understanding and using old and new technologies for health and well being. Topics covered include use of Magnatism and static field Magnetic ferrous magnets, Electro- Magnetic pulsar therapy, Far-Infra-red light based therapy, Radionics, Riche Orgonamics and Accumulater, Rife Frequencies and Machines, Electro-Acupuncture, Inferential Diagnostics, Light and color therapy, Sound/ Light and Mind Machines, Beck Pulsars and Collodial Silver, Use of Therapeutic Laser, Tackyonics, Living Water, Psychotronics and much more!

Students learn hands on to feel and personally explore all of these extraordinary ideas utilizing Quantum Science for health and well being. Take a walk on the Quantum side! This program is currently a module for our Certified Thai Practitioner (CTP), Certified Thai Teacher (TCP), Certified Holistic Health Provider Programs (HHP).

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