SomaVeda Bolster Magic

SomaVeda Bolster Magic™


SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Bolster Magic

SomaVeda® Bolster Magic™ is a new and innovative approach to SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practice. It enhances and add a dynamic dimension of depth, communication and communication between the the practitioner and the client. The method uses a conventional Restorative Yoga Bolster and integrating with the unique SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Vinyasa, Flows and Techniques increase specificity and variety of applications.

Basic approaches are taught for all five traditional SomaVeda® Attitudes emphasized in the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Program including Supine, Side Lying, Prone, Abdominal and Seated positions. Over 100 unique positions are included in the amazing class.

Students are taught the single and double Bolster Magic techniques and flows and well as solo and multi-therapists variations.

The SomaVeda® Bolster Magic™ Basic program is offered at no additional cost to SomaVeda® CTP2, intermediate and above students.

Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Inc. (ONACS) is an NCBTMB Continuing Education Approved Provider

Contact hours: 8 CE hours (Included in the 200 Hour CTP2 Intermediate Certification Program.

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