Housing and Accommodations

Thai Yoga Center Housing and Accomodations

ONACS/ SCNM:Thai Yoga Center Seminary Housing and Accommodations

Some courses fill quickly. Register early to secure your place in a workshop. To ensure confirmation by return mail, send your registration form at least three weeks to one month before the start of your workshop. If you are registering more than one person, be sure to use a separate (photocopies) form for each would be resident or participant. Please note: Room reservations and Student Dormitory/ Retreat Housing at The Thai Yoga Center is an unrelated function in regards to classes and programs. ONACS Donations for housing must be made separately and paid for separately.

Adult Housing/ Meals Table

Housing/ accommodations is limited and fills up quickly. The donation fees below are per person and include housing, meals are not included, however, we usually work together for group meals, and an array of great activities during your stay with us. There are daily Yoga, meditation and movement classes. For check in and check-out times see Arrival and Departure information.

The ONACS: SCNM/ Thai Yoga Main Dorm and Semi-private Dorms choices are simple and comfortable and air conditioned. Please come prepared for changes in weather.

NEW RATES!  This is 2016 pricing Information: Please note: All rates subject to change at any time. All Full CTP Rates are for the specified duration of the specific program the student is registered for. The exact number of days may vary from one CTP to another. Check the schedule for posted dates of your CTP before registering. Click here for current class/ program schedule! Current housing rates effective for all new registrations after January 1st. for 2016/ 2017 (For January, March, June, September and November registrations)


Housing Information

A) Main Dormitory: Type A housing is climate controlled, adult only and shared. SCNM: The Thai Yoga Center does provide the first set of bed linens for dorm doubles. After that there is a modest charge to replace as necessary. ( 2 towels and set of sheets $5.00 each set). Dorm rooms are heated in winter and cooled in summer. Please note: in central Florida our climate is mild winter and summer compared to most of the country! That’s why our area in a wilderness paradise and target destination for outdoor enthusiast year round.  All dorms are single gender dorms. Please note: This area is cozy and warm with new beds, however they are not closed off to each other. (Does not include any meals)

Price: $856.00 (Call or email request for donation invoice)


B) Semi-private Dorm: (Glamorous Camping) A semi-private, weather tight, comfortable, free standing, attractive fourteen foot shelter with twin sized beds available for two persons. Includes electric. The Semi-private Dorm students have access to the Sacred Hygiene house (Hygia House). This is an upgrade over main dorm and camping. (Limited availability)

Price: $1,156.00

D) Camping: Campsites are generally situated near primary facilities. You must provide your own tent and all appropriate camping gear. Stoves or campfires are not allowed. You must bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, blankets, towels and pillows, or you may rent these from SCNM: The Thai Yoga Center for a small fee. Sacred Hygiene facilities with showers are nearby. Sites are located not far from main house and classrooms. A private,wooded ONACS sanctuary and botanical garden setting in rural area, walking trails provide an idyllic setting for rest and relaxation while on training’s and sanctuary retreats. Recreational vehicles may not be used in the camping areas or parking lots. For erosion control, Parking and or driving “off road” outside designated driving areas is also not allowed.

Price: $ 796.00 (Call or email request for donation invoice)


D1) Electrical hookups/ Annex Kitchen service for camping/ tents etc.: A 10amp electrical service may be available for an additional fee of $96.00 per CTP. Electrical is only available within 100ft. of service in designated areas. (All campers/ individuals wishing to use the outdoor kitchen must pay this additional fee). Having access to a functional kitchen is valuable for campers!

Price: $96.00 (Call or email request for donation invoice)


E) One meal per day plan. Good for local and commuter students who do not want to bring their food! We specialize in wonderful home style Ayurvedic meals which demonstrate the healthy eating principles we teach in our CTP/ Ayurveda and / degree programs. We make special efforts to provide whole, organic and fresh local produce. The meals are primarily vegetarian (Lacto/ Ovo) and or vegan. We support our local CSA’s and local farmers as well as use as seasonally appropriate own own amazing garden! We are not able to cater to any specific, special or exceptional diets. If you have questions regarding your participation in our meal plan be sure to call. Please note: All students are responsible for their own meals and food. ONACS: SCNM: TYC is cannot insure that any special needs or diets are maintained by students. If you have special dietary needs, allergies, limited food choices etc. we recommend that you do NOT join the meal plan. Cannot take responsibility for special needs diets etc.

Price: $367.50 (Call or email request for donation invoice)


F) Internet Access Access to TYC’s wireless internet. (Access hours are restricted during class and meditation hours)

Price: $90.00 (Call or email request for donation invoice)


Planning your visit with us

General Needs: Bring toiletries, alarm clock, flashlight, warm clothes for cool weather, small fan for warm weather, insect repellent and sunscreen, extra towels for sweats, steam or sauna, rain gear, bathing suit, For optional daily classes, you should want to bring loose clothing, dance wear, meditation gear… pillow, Zafu, singing bowel, drum and yoga mat. Be sure to dress appropriately for the season! Please note: house, Hygia House and common areas include treatment and changing areas. There may be incidental partial or complete nudity in the house, on the grounds and/ or in some classes or functions. If the possibility of exposure to appropriate/ incidental naked bodies and or body parts is offensive and or not acceptable in any way we strongly and respectfully recommend that our housing situation is not for you. Call if you’re not sure.

Class Needs: Refer to specific workshop descriptions for any required materials and or materials fees.


Cash, Master card, Visa, and personal or travelers checks can be used in the ONACS: SCNM/ TYC shops and for room reservations, personal services in the wellness center. The Thai Yoga Center can not cash personal checks for you. (Credit cards are processed online via PayPal.com etc. All Donations are to ONACS Inc.)

Housing/ Dorm Refunds: All ONACS Housing/ retreat/ sanctuary donations are on a limited basis and are considered 100% Non-refundable once made. As an adult you agree to this policy as a pre-condition towards your registration being accepted. As we have limited space once all spaces are accounted for we must turn away reservations based on your commitment to stay here… if you change your mind and cancel your reservation for any non emergency medical reason there is a penalty, unless you exchange your reservation with another paid in full registration with our written permission in advance. There will be no refunds for housing fees and or room reservations for any reason without 24 hours advance notice once paid. All partial refunds will be based upon the single day rate of $65.00 per day. Reservations made for 24 to 30 days duration are billed in the following manner, first 20 days at $65.00 per day, remaining four days are complimentary. Additional days beyond the included 24 are billed separately at the prevailing rate, i.e. 2, 3, 5, 7 or next 30 day rate block. Any time period used during the first 30 days will be billed at $65.00 per day for refund purposes. Refunds for cancellation will follow the published guidelines located on our ONACS Refund and Cancellation Policy page.

Limited Mobility:

Contact us before registering if you have a physical disability that affects your mobility so that we may accommodate you. Only Bona fide Medical conditions are exempt from Community Service/ Karma Yoga, in which case we will assign suitable service appropriate for the disability.

Some Rules:

Pets, illegal drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus. Tape recorders and video recorders are not allowed in class or in use during any rituals or ceremonies. (There may be tapes available through The Thai Yoga Center). Smoking is not allowed by students except in designated Smoking areas. For more details on specific Rules, Procedures and Guidelines Click Here. RPG’S


16 and up may enroll in a workshop at full tuition, with parents and faculty approval and must attend as an adult.


We are child friendly, however, Parents who stay on campus or who are bringing children younger than four, must provide their own baby-sitter who must be at least 16 years old. Baby-sitters pay adult housing/meals fees. This is non negotiable. Children must be housed with their parents. Children under the age of four stay for free. Dorm housing is not an option for parents with children.

Long Term and Work/ Study Apprenticeship Housing:

Housing is either included or greatly discounted on an “as available basis for long term students and or work/ study volunteers. For more information on Work/ Study housing etc. TYC Housing

Please note: Housing costs are subject to change at any time. Pricing is only guaranteed with a deposit. Additional days in excess of the Full CTP plan can be reserved at the monthly rate/ average per day. Extensions of stay without a reservation are billed at the daily rate $65.00 per day.