Nov CTP1 SCNM Grad 2019

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certification

November 2019: SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioner Certification Program and NAIC / SCNM Graduation at St. James House of Prayer Episcopal Church , Tampa, Ybor City Florida. This multi-level certification retreat held on the NAIC Sanctuary in Brooksvile Florida welcomed dedicated students and practitioners from around the country for a 164 Hr. intensive training program. On November 16th. our SomaVeda College fo Natural Medicine held a graduation for Doctoral students completing their degree requirements. Certification in SOmaVeda® Thai Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant were issued on completion. We also proudly graduated Ms. Kaylee Koslowske as the newest SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Certified Teacher. Thai Yoga Center host residential retreats and certification programs every January, March, May, July, September and November as well as April in Thailand! For more information visit us at

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