SomaVeda Thai Yoga, Level One, Dayton OH

by Thai1on on August 18, 2016

SomaVeda Thai Yoga, Level One, Dayton OH

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Level One, Dayton OH: November 5/6 from 12:30 to 5:30pm & November 12/ 13 from 12:30 to 5:30pm,  2016 (20 CE Hours over Saturday and Sunday) SomaVeda® Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Level One, Indigo Yoga Studio in Dayton OH.

The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Level One course covers the basic concepts of hands on healing in a balanced session using SomaVeda® Thai Yoga. This Indigenous, Traditional Thai Massage and Ayurveda derived system allows the practitioner or teacher to gain a three dimensional perspective on facilitating and participating in another persons healing process.

This entry level course is perfect for those who want to explore what is SomaVeda® without having to make a commitment. Great for families and for couples desiring a traditional Yoga Therapy based way of expressing their love, care and compassion.

·      During this course the student establishes contact with a genuine lineage and learns how to facilitate the healing energy of the ancient masters through the practice of Puja or healing affirmations.

·      After completing this course, students will: the student can perform a complete 19 Asana beginner Vinyasa or flow with a partner. The student will be able to perform a one hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Massage.

·      Understand the basic elements and theory of Classical Thai & Classical Indian Ayurveda anatomy and physiology.

For detailed information and description of course content for this Level One Thai Yoga certificate course click here! Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: Level One

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is based on Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurveda. It is an indigenous traditional healing style of Yoga Therapy bringing health and wellness to Spirit, Mind and Body. All Certified Teachers are Authorized ONACS Tribal Organization, Indian Health Care Ministers and Providers.

Certified Teacher: Khruu Alex Ryberg


Indigo Yoga Studio in Dayton OH

3979 Indian Ripple Road, Suite B, Beavercreek, OH 45440


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Alex Ryberg
Somaveda® Thai Yoga Integrative Therapist & Teacher
500 HR RYT
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