Sacred Sites and Healing Arts In Thailand

by Thai1on on November 19, 2016

Ancient Sacred Art






Sacred Sites and Healing Arts In Thailand 2018

Early Registration Extended! Sign up by November 25th. 2017 and receive $4,595.00 in cash discounts and free bonuses!

(Full Regular price: $2,695.00)

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Sacred Sites & Healing Arts Program!
Special Program! Visit Exotic THAILAND April 10th to April 28th, 2018! (19 Days!)

(Receive NAIC/ SomaVeda®, NCBTMB and recognized CE hours and hands on training in Classical Indigenous Thai Yoga, Thai Massage Certificate in one inclusive training!). Included for your experience amazing temples, instruction from awesome teachers and Masters, street fairs and markets, food like you’ve never had, Buddhist monks & nuns, music and night life after class. Tours in the beautiful Thai upcountry, hill tribe people and classical dancing, road trips across country, Golden Triangle, Chiangrai, Bangkok and Thai city life, River boats and the Summer palace, the famous Bangkok shrines and temples with a side trip to the largest outdoor market in Thailand- Chatuchak, Koh Samuii Island paradise and the quaint town of Lamaii, Yoga, meditation, energy healing, classes and fun with like minded souls.


Please Note! Donation includes land and travel in country only. Does not include transportation to excursion origin (Chiangmai, Thailand).

Sacred Sites and Healing Arts in Thailand

This is your chance to see Thailand with Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James. The group size is limited to the first six participants to register to keep it small and personal. Dr. Arianna Coe will be co-facilitating with our Thai teachers. Dr. Coe is a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DSNM) and Certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher.

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See you in Thailand!

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