Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Knoxville

by Thai1on on August 1, 2016

Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Knoxville, TN


Thai Yoga Center

December 15th. – 21st. 2017,  Ayurvedic Thai Yoga: SomaVeda® Level Two (48 CE Hr.)

Humiovi Thai Yoga Therapy and Holistic Healing: Knoxville, Tennessee

This is the second level in the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioner Certificate program.  Perfect for beginners and for NCBTMB National Board CE hrs.

Presented by Khruu’s Dr. Arianna Coe DSNM, CTT, CATP, SomaVeda® Certified Teacher and Director of Education for NAIC Humiovi and Khruu Rachael Marshall
Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Knoxville

  Level 2, also called the Southern Method or Royal Method, is a six to ten day program.  Continuing the work begun in Level One. The student gains a deeper understanding of the role of Puja and healing prayers and affirmations in the healing process.  Learns over 50 traditional therapeutic Asana and the SomaVeda® Therapeutic day session protocol incorporating the seven additional Vinyasa, flowing sequences or treatment algorithms.  Included is additional practice in the meditation and healing forms of the oldest, original, and most traditional Wat Po or Wat Chetaphon based method more commonly known as the Southern or Royal Method.  We explore variations from three different recognized or traditional Royal traditions: Buddhai Sawan, Wat Po and Anantasuk schools. This course is an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training and certification program. It is required for SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner, and SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy Teacher certifications.
This Yoga therapy course is predominately hands on, with an introduction to the underlying philosophy and theory of energy. “Sip Sen”, the Ten principle Sen (Nadis) and the Seven Chakra. Basic western anatomy and physiology as it applies to SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is introduced at this time.
The SomaVeda® student learns the concept of moving the body without effort, as well as specific postures for specific imbalances. The role of the breath in partnership within the therapeutic encounter is discussed and practiced. This course focuses of the use of Puja or therapeutic affirmations and Mantra in the healing process as originally introduced in the SomaVeda® Level One course.
 The student is exposed to the historical roots of our treatment philosophy. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Classes may begin with daily  SomaVeda® Thai Reishi Yoga meditation and practice which teaches the student a daily self-care yoga sequence that conditions the practitioner and improves their functional status. By conclusion of this program we expect the student to show knowledge, understanding and skill in the basic sacred healing teachings and techniques of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga. (48 to 100 Hr. practice credit available.)
All NAICH short duration seminar/workshops are offered exclusively for personal motivational, spiritual, avocational, professional enhancement and or life enrichment.
Call: 865-660-8895 for Registration Information.
  Where its being held:
 Humiovi Thai Yoga Institute
 2004 Bays Mountain Rd
 Knoxville Tn, 37920

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